Fun Facts About Cricket

Despite its roots in England, cricket has spread worldwide. Australia and India are particularly successful in the main events, although England still participates. Earlier, this also was an Olympic sport; however, we’ll discuss that later.

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The second-most popular sport in the world is cricket

Since its inception in the sixteenth century, cricket and cricket website has continued to expand. Around 2.5 billion people watch or participate in the sport presently in more than 180 countries. How absurd are those numbers!? Although two of the most well-known teams are from England and Australia, the countries with the highest popularity are India and Pakistan.

Three different game styles are used to play competitive games

Cricket is played on three distinct levels of competition all around the world. Cricket is played in T20, one-day, and test matches.

A test match typically has a five-day duration. Cricket’s purest form is said to be test matches. T20 is the format that is growing the quickest, with games lasting only a few hours as compared to five days. Test cricket as a sport was first played in 1877.

There were just two stumps on the first cricket-wickets

Although it’s inconceivable now, a wicket used to consist of only three stumps. Before 1775, two stumps were the standard. However, English cricketer Edward “Lumpy” Stevens bowled the ball between the two stumps three times without removing the bail, and the batter was declared “not out.” The third stump was revealed shortly after that.

Wicket bails are not usually necessary

The bails, the horizontal pegs that stand astride the stumps, are a common component in cricket games. They are not required in every circumstance, though.

When a high wind threatens to blow the bails off, the umpire may remove them or swap them out with stronger ones to ensure smooth play.

Women began playing cricket in the 18th century

Women have participated in cricket since at least the 18th century, despite the fact that men play the Sport in far greater numbers. Even female-only tournaments were held in English cities, including Sussex, Surrey, and Hampshire. The winning teams earned prizes, including ale barrels and lace gloves.

At age 16, Sachin Tendulkar made his professional debut

A legend, Sachin Tendulkar is frequently referred to as the “God of Cricket.” At the young age of 16, he made his Team India debut. Throughout his illustrious career, he amassed more titles and records than you could count.

He is frequently recognized as among the greatest batters in history. He is the first batsman to reach a double century in one-day international cricket and the all-time leader in runs scored in international cricket.

Cricket’s longest game ever lasted 14 days

Even at its finest, a cricket match may last for quite some time, but one particular match really took the cake. An England-South Africa match in 1939 lasted 14 full days, with the players sleeping for an additional 14.

The length of a game varies depending on the format, with Twenty20 matches typically lasting substantially less time than other formats. The only cricketing rule that has stayed the same over time is the size of the pitch. Except for one, every government has been subject to alteration since the sport was initially founded.

The prescribed length of a cricket pitch has stayed the same; the original choice of 22 yards still holds under the current rules.