Future of wired and wireless network technology


Technology is always evolving year on year. This is especially true wherever networks are concerned, which over the years has a seen a quick transition from wired to wireless tech. Constant design and innovation pursuits are ensuring a safer and faster connection is always made possible for both modes of connectivity, and things have progressed at a rate few could have predicted.

But what does the future have in store? One thing to do is always keep up with the latest Tech blogs.  Consequently, let’s take a look where wired and wireless network technology seem to be heading next…

5G connections

5G is the next iteration of mobile network technology, taking wireless a step further. With higher and more refined frequencies than 4G connectivity, there’s a maximum speed in place of an impressive 20Gbps for downloads to the device. It’s pushed to the next level, and speed is the key. Decades ago, these levels of downloads would have taken hours or even days to complete; today they can be done in mere moments.

The latest trend of VR and 4K also have a prominent presence here, which 5G is capable of streaming in all its glory without interruption. People are not only getting speed, but quality images that’re fully realised in stunning resolution and colourisation. Ultimately, it’s set to cause major waves when EE releases their starting rollout of 5G services in six UK cities at the end of May, starting at £54 per month, while full next-generation 5G will not be available until 2022. Could they rival wired connections?

Cloud technologies

The cloud is another kind of technology that’s had a surge in growth, interest and use in recent times. A digital space in which to store data, many people are turning to the cloud to store things in a professional capacity; work documents, employee and customer data etc. It’s a secure server that’s accessible by anybody with the right security clearance. It also prevents the loss of things like paperwork, and it all requires the internet to function.

Greater dependence on the cloud and systems dubbed The Internet of Things (IoT) can certainly be expected. It all already controls how smart homes operate, accumulating data from televisions, smart meters and a variety of other sources into their systems. Many aspects of life are going digital, and cloud connections are making that possible – and will amass more popularity in the years ahead.


While admittedly having drawbacks in terms of mobility, wired connections have always been vastly superior to wireless in virtually every way. It generally offers faster and safer connections, especially when innovative Cat5 cables from RS Components are put to use. They offer a direct and exclusive feed to a network, and don’t allow multiple users to access it without prior permission from the owner.

There’s also the case of maintenance needs likely decreasing overtime as the technology develops too, handling more in the way of storage capacity and reliability without buckling from all its varying processes. Consequently, it’s certainly possible that in the immediate future, people will become more reliant on wired connections when indoors and immobile. Their connections won’t be interrupted, as things like fibre optic broadband falter far less than a wireless network.


Both wired and wireless networks have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Wireless is certainly moving from strength to strength with its 5G innovations and cloud-based computing. However, wired ethernet cables will provide the stronger and more reliable connections for the foreseeable future.



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