Galveston for a Week or Day


Planning a beach vacation? Consider visiting the beautiful resort city of Galveston, TX. This coastline gem offers sun-kissed beaches, historic sites, snippets of nature and luxurious hotels and resorts to satisfy the pickiest of family members. Take the time to read this guide to help you plan your next vacation.

Getting There 

Galveston, while a large city, does not have its own airport. To get here, you should fly to one of Houston’s airports. Once you arrive, you will want to take the shuttle from Hobby to Galveston to ensure a quick and easy arrival. These shuttles can pick you up from multiple pick-up points at the airport and get you to your resort, hotel or cruise port. Be sure to schedule your shuttle before you go.

Once You Arrive 

If you aren’t booked onto a cruise or have some time before departure, be sure to check out the historic Pleasure Pier for some shopping, dining and amusement park rides. If looking for more nature, then book your way to Moody Gardens. There you can roam the jungles of the world at the Rainforest Pyramid, or explore the sea floors in the Aquarium Pyramid. End the day with a historic paddlewheel boat cruise and enjoy sunset views over a delicious dinner.

Staying the Night  

Whether visiting for one night or longer, you are going to need somewhere to stay. Fortunately, Galveston is home to a multitude of hotels ranging from budget-friendly to the luxurious, offering something for the whole family. When choosing a hotel, consider what amenities are important to you and your family. Make sure to consider one of the many seaside inns offering gorgeous views with beach access. Alternatively, you can consider renting a condo and enjoy the privacy of a vacation home.

Eating Out 

One of the hardest decisions, whether on vacation or not, is what to eat. Thankfully, the restaurant scene in Galveston is full of exciting options to satisfy everyone in your family. As a seafront city, there is a great selection of seafood restaurants overlooking the water. Remember, this is Texas, so be sure to enjoy one of the world-famous Texas steakhouses that can be found around the city.

Whether you are passing through before a cruise or planning to stay awhile, take the time to see some of the amazing sites of Galveston. Be sure to try some of the delicious culinary options and soak up some sun while here.

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