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In the 1980s, video gaming underwent significant transformations. Yes, the 90s brought us the internet, which in turn brought us emails, online shopping and even free online slots games. But for me, the ’80s were the best. From the entire industry nosediving and nearly destroying itself, the arcade business grew faster than ever over the decade. In the early 1980s, the number of arcades doubled, earning $5 billion in revenue – the highest amount ever recorded! But why has gaming’s popularity shifted so dramatically? That’s because the games that were being made were the best of all time! Through their vivid, aggressive gameplay, they established a fervently addicted fan base.

The 1980s experienced a major technological and creative transformation, in addition to developments in the commercial industry. Games were primarily arcade-like, simple, and had little complexity in the early years of the decade. However, games had gotten significantly more complicated since then, with extensive narratives and high levels of participation.

Some of these games are still enjoyable to play today. In contrast, others have been dramatically outdone in the intervening years by smoother, better-looking games that improved on what was already there: the designers of video games are always striving to improve their techniques and grow in their field. So the question we’re asking isn’t how these games compare to the games we produce and play today. Instead, our criterion is which 1980s games we owe the most to because they pioneered so much at the time and embody everything that is finest about original game creation.

So, without further ado, I give you the greatest games of the ’80s…well, I think so anyway!


 How did a puzzle game created on a vintage Electronika 60 computer at Moscow’s Dorodnitsyn computing centre fascinate the entire world? How did seven different-configured tetrominoes falling into a restricted space turn one billion players into addicts? The creation of Tetris is the most exciting narrative in the games business, and at its heart is creator Alexey Pajitnov, whose boyhood love of shape puzzles spawned a killer app that almost single-handedly launched the Game Boy and has since spread its object-sorting magic to every platform. This isn’t a game about heroes; it’s about the most human of tasks: cleaning up and finding a home for everything.


Nothing else comes close to offering such an intense, one-more-hit, all-consuming sensation as the wireframe thrills did back in the day, according to those who were fortunate enough to experience them. Elite is the spiritual forerunner of everything from Wing Commander to the Grand Theft Auto series, combining complicated physics, trade components, and plenty of Star Wars-inspired shoot-em-up action, all set in an open-ended setting.

Donkey Kong

Many of you are familiar with the Donkey Kong narrative and how he has evolved in gaming over the years. On the other hand, Nintendo created the monstrous, obnoxious monkey as an arcade game in the 1980s. The games featured a variety of primary characters; the gamer never got to play as Donkey Kong. Instead, they played as characters who were defending themselves against Kong’s offensive abilities and demeanour.

Mario was brought to life by Donkey Kong, who made the character leap around and run away from the gorilla himself, eventually allowing the tale to thrive in various genres. Donkey Kong appears in Nintendo games all over the place these days. Because there were so many stages to complete the game, the gameplay was intense and challenging when it was first released. As a result, it became all the more addicting.

Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros

This brings us to our next game. Without question, Super Mario Bros. is the most essential platformer ever made. The game introduced a lot of elements that are now standard in the gaming industry. Its very fluid controls were one of the factors that contributed to its success. They had more power over Mario than they had ever had over any other character.

Operation Wolf

Taito’s Operation Wolf was a fantastic shooter launched in 1987. The game’s goal is to save several hostages who are being kept in various locations. It was the first shooter with a complete storyline. From the first seconds of the first level, it pulled no punches and spared no expense with full-on action. To complete a level, the player must remain alive and shoot a certain number of enemies before the stage ends.

Soldiers, tanks, assault helicopters, boats, and even animals that, when shot, supply ammunition or power-ups are among the foes. The game was a big hit, winning numerous accolades, including Game of the Year, and many people believe it to be one of the best games ever made. For the time, the graphics were incredible, with a solid plot and, most importantly, explosive shooter gameplay. All of this combined to make Operation Wolf a true 8-bit classic that we will never forget.

The Legend of Zelda

It’s easy to see why this ground-breaking action-adventure title consistently ranks high on lists of the best games ever made. It combined action, adventure, and role-playing games into one fantastic package, complete with an engaging lore, a captivating protagonist, and genuinely entertaining gameplay. Link was a pop-culture hero in the 1980s, and The Legend of Zelda is now a household brand, with a slew of sequels following in the decades since. The first title, launched in 1986, sold over 6.5 million copies worldwide. It is, without a doubt, the most influential game ever produced. Moreover, it was thrilling at the time due to its complexity, aesthetics, and open-world architecture.

Here is also the most popular video games from the 90s. And you can also open the link to discover the top weird songs from the 80s.

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