Gaming Over The Decades

Video games have long and firmly entered our lives. Today, they make up an over $100 billion industry and almost half of the youngsters and adults play these games on a regular basis. They have been on the market for decades and are offered on a variety of platforms and consoles. But have you ever wondered how video games emerged? Today we’ll tell you about their history and the current state of affairs.

Back in the days

Talking about the appearance of video games, let’s go back to the 1950s when computer scientists started creating primitive simulations and games for academic researches. In the 1960s, MIT professors and students played such games as Moon Landing and 3D Tic-Tac-Toe on IBM 1560.

However, video games remained unnoticed until the 1980s, when the general public was introduced to arcade games and consoles with buttons and joysticks. At the time home computer games were also introduced for the first time. By the way, the first console was invented by Ralph Baer and Magnavox Odyssey.

Only 70 years have passed since the first video game was introduced but we already have access to unique environments, which change our reality. This concerns not only gaming but also games of chance. Just imagine, at HEX you can find hundreds of safe and secure operators that provide an excellent service and play top-notch games without leaving your home. 

World of Warcraft and Microsoft

In the 2000s the world has changed forever: Microsoft has introduced its first gaming console, Xbox. Halo has firmly entered our lives and it was difficult to find a person, who hasn’t tried it. Moreover, Microsoft has launched Xbox Live, so we could play with other gamers online.

However, at the same time StarCraft creators, Blizzard, have launched a rather promising and ambitious product – World of Warcraft. The gaming world hasn’t seen anything similar before! It was a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), where you could inhabit the Azeroth, improve characters, do raids, and other fun stuff. Even South Park devoted a separate episode about WoW.

The  Nintendo Wii

It’s difficult to think of another technology that had the same impact on the gaming industry than the Nintendo Wii. It literally took games to another dimension and made us become active participants instead of remaining on the couch.

Wii added motion to the game and encouraged players to take the physical part in the plot. The Legend of Zelda was one of the first and the most popular representatives of this technology. Players could literally swing swords by making arm movements. And don’t forget the Wii Olympic Games, where you could jump, swim, and even run with obstacles.

Wii gave birth to big-budget games with millions of dollars spent on development and production. For example, Bungie, Destiny’s shooter, had almost a half-billion-dollar budget. It was a real piece of art blending movies, TV, and music, so no wonder that these games managed to replace a whole entertainment market containing all that a player needs.

Modern times

The game industry is constantly evolving. Since 1985, developers are doing everything to produce more and more games and consoles, beating the competitors and remaining market’s innovators.

As gamers, we are spoiled with a variety of options and have a chance to pick the best consoles, games, and services. Here are only some of the things on offer: Nintendo, Xbox, Wii, Play Station, and the list is almost never-ending. There are even releases of the classic NES and SNES systems, which allow teenagers and youngsters to see what games were played back in the days. Virtual Reality consoles are no longer surprising and the latest technologies can impress even experienced gamblers.

The Move Towards Mobile

Since the introduction of smartphones and app stores in 2007, gaming has experienced yet another rapid development that has altered not only how people play games but has also taken gaming into the mainstream of pop culture in a level that has never been seen before. Mobile gaming has exploded over the past ten years due to the rapid advancements in mobile technology. In 2015, revenue from console-based gaming will surpass that of mobile gaming.

In addition to broadening gaming demographics, this significant movement in the gaming business toward smartphones, particularly in Southeast Asia, has brought gaming to the forefront of media attention. Today’s users have gathered around mobile gaming, much like the early gamers who joined specialized forums, and the Internet, magazines, and social media are flooded with reviews of new games and industry rumors. As usual, gamers’ blogs and forums are rife with new game advice, and websites like Macworld, Ars Technica, and TouchArcade promote games from both established gaming corporations and lesser-known indie creators.

A few numbers of corporations used to control the gaming market, but in recent years, firms like Apple and Google have quietly climbed the rankings thanks to the revenue they generate from the sale of games through their app stores. Simple games like Angry Birds, which have two billion downloads as of 2014, made Rovio $200 million in 2012 alone thanks to the time-killing appeal of mobile gaming.

Millions of players worldwide are connected through their mobile device or League of Legends on the Desktop in more sophisticated mass multiplayer mobile games like Clash of Clans, which generate enormous revenue every year.

Some Favorite Video Games: Before and Now

The Sims (2000) vs The Sims 4: StrangerVille (2019)

The Sims was the ideal diversion if you have ever wished to escape from your mundane life. Why live your own boring 9 to 5 existence when you can make some tiny pixel people do it? The Sims is still highly popular, albeit much better looking and no less insane. Watching little computer people do your bidding has always been entertaining.

The Super Mario Bros. (1985) vs Super Mario Odyssey (2017)

Mario has gone a long way, even though Nintendo isn’t always regarded for creating the most cutting-edge games in terms of aesthetics. In the present era, you can take Mario games with you wherever you are thanks to the Nintendo Switch. The original Super Mario Bros. was much adored back in 1985 on the original Nintendo Entertainment System. Items are also much more attractive! Super Mario Odyssey was a hit when we reviewed it in 2017, and new Mario games keep coming out.

Grand Theft Auto (1997) vs GTA V (2013)

The original GTA games were deemed to be the most divisive video games in history by The Guinness World Records in 2008 and 2009. Although it was top-down, the first GTA was criticized for being overly violent and profane. Not much has changed, but the popularity hasn’t either.

With more criminal activity to enjoy, GTA has developed into a bigger and better sandbox, open-world game over time. When GTA V came out on PC a few years later, it also opened the visuals up to an even wider upgrade with graphical mods to make the world of San Andreas even more magnificent. GTA V was launched in 2013 to widespread praise.

Street Fighter (1987) vs Street Fighter V (2016)

We have pleasant memories of playing a Street Fighter game on an arcade machine in our neighborhood fish and chip store. Since then, a lot has changed, yet the classics never go out of style. This beat ’em up is the best of the best, and it grows better with age thanks to enhanced sound, graphics, special moves, and a growing cast of characters.

Mario Kart (1992) vs Mario Kart 8 (2014)

Probably everyone’s favorite multiplayer game is Mario Kart. Battling with friends to control the race course, obtaining numerous power-ups, and attempting to win. On these virtual circuits, many friendships have been forged or put to the test. Mario Kart has advanced significantly since it originally appeared on our gaming screens in 1992, much like the other titles on this list. With the release of Mario Kart Tour, you can now play the beloved racing game on your smartphone. A wonderful time to be alive. 


Every year gaming is changing at an enormous speed. Hundreds of companies and developers are competing to be the first to introduce new titles and technologies that will conquer players around the world.

While the first games had poor graphics, no sounds or colours, modern titles can boast artificial intelligence elements, virtual reality, and other amazing features that erase the borders between reality and fiction. We hope that you are also waiting impatiently for the new games and consoles to be launched because there is no limit to perfection.

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