Garden Corner Sofa: Maintenance Tips That Give Your Outdoor Sofa an Extended Life


A garden corner sofa is typically an elegant lounger to have a good laugh and conversation with your family and friends. It looks stylish and exquisite when added to your garden area. It is usually available in L-shape and usually placed in corners. Although, you can even set it at the center of the garden or decks. It also provides an extra place to sit when compared to a usual sofa.

Garden Corner Sofa is an investment and can be expensive, and so proper care and maintenance are a must. Typically, outdoor or garden sofas need more care than indoor ones as they have to face varied environmental conditions. The article sums up some important cleaning and maintenance tips for your outdoor sectionals with fire pit. You can visit Only Oak Furniture store or website to explore a range of garden corner sofas.

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Garden Corner Sofa

1. Cleaning with the Help of Vacuum Cleaner

The dirt, food, dust, and all the fine particles, should be removed timely. It does make your life easier for the process of rejuvenation. Keep the loose cushions aside, and then vacuum the sofa thoroughly. Use the compact brush specially made for tiny crevices to clean the outdoor sofa. Always keep every corner completely dirt-free.

2. Knowing the Instructions for Cleaning

The fabric used in a garden corner sofa can be of different varieties. Therefore, you should always follow the instructions of fabric cleaning as mentioned. You can clean some sofa fabrics using cleaning solvents, and for many others, a vacuum can be the best cleaning option.

Follow the instructions invariably for the safety of the outdoor sofa, and also to protect the warranty.

3. Experimenting in Some Areas

In the absence of any instruction, you would like to be more cautious while cleaning your sofa. Try the cleaning solution made at home on an unnoticeable patch. If you see slight discoloration, then a different approach is advisable.

4. Water Needs to be Used Carefully

Cleaning your garden sofa with water can result in discoloration. Do not use the liquids often as this creates possibilities of large and bad patches. Instead of water, use a vacuum cleaner or baking soda to experiment on an out of sight area.

5. Using a Soft Cloth

Always use a soft cloth whenever you are cleaning your sofa. Usually, a new piece of cloth leaves its color and can be imprinted on the sofa fabric. To check the quality of a cleaning cloth, soak it in water overnight. If it doesn’t bleed color in the water, it is ideal for cleaning.

Always pat the stains instead of rubbing or scrubbing them to save the fabric from any damage. Patting will avoid any spread of dirt around the outdoor sofa.

6. Importance of Baking Soda

The dirt should not be left unattended for too long. If we ignore dirt for a longer time, it becomes difficult to clean it. The first thing to do as soon as you notice a stain is to sprinkle the baking soda. Don’t scrub it, but use your fingertips to spread it equally on the fabric. Let it be there for at least half an hour to dry it up before using any cleaning solution.

Then use the vacuum cleaner to remove the baking soda. You can also use some lemon juice or vinegar, which will surely give you a cleaning effect as it reacts well with baking soda.

7. Give Good Care to the Sofa Fabric

It is easy to remove any stain when it is new by using warm water. Other tricks like lemon juice, vinegar, and baking soda also give good results in removing dirt.

Usually, polypropylene fabric is used for outdoor sofas as it is UV resistant and dries quickly. Opt using a vacuum over any liquid solution for the outdoor sofa fabric. Use the same ratio of water and soap with a soft fabric for cleaning. Always assure that the cloth used is slightly damped and not completely wet.

Also, be attentive to see that the soap is not leftover and make your sofa dry as early as you can.

8. Drying is the Key

Natural drying of the affected area is always considered the best, like using a stand or a desk fan. It is never a good option to use any form of electric heater or dryer. Most of the fabrics have synthetic fibers, and this can ruin with the usage of intense heat.

Above all persistence, would be required for stain removal from the fabric of the Corner Sofa. A soft and gentle step is needed while removing the dirt, which is there for a long time.

Outdoor Garden Sofa Requires Good Care

A lot of time and effort is required while choosing the best sofa for your garden area. It is not a household item that is purchased daily. You keep a lot of things in mind while deciding on an outdoor sofa. It can be the area of garden, comfort, price, durability, weather-proof, etc.

It gives you immense satisfaction when you relax and have a cup of tea or coffee on your favorite sofa. It releases your stress for the day. However, you must take all the necessary precautions to maintain your outdoor sofa. If you do so, you add life to it. Follow the above tips if you want to enjoy the comfort on your garden sofa for long.

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