Gas Heater Vs Electric Pool Heater

If you live somewhere like Canada where you get your time out in the pool almost all the year, you may only want to get a water heater for the months when the water temperature drops drastically. Living in Canada could mean investing in an indoor pool that would have to be heated most of the time. But how would you know which pool heater to choose: Gas or electric heater? This post will help you select the best one, but let’s first dig for the basics of pool heaters.

The Basics of Pool Heaters

1. Electric Pool Heaters

The electric pool heaters also known as pool heat pumps utilize electricity to heat the pool. These heat pumps have the specificity to warm up the water as fast as possible thanks to electricity use. The efficiency of your heat pump pool heater can be maximized with proper installation and maintenance. It is best to have a qualified pool heat pump manufacturer install the heater, particularly the electric hookup, as well as perform complex maintenance or repair tasks.

2. Gas Pool Heaters

Gas pool heaters use natural or propane gas while electric pool heaters use electric heat pumps or electrical resistance. But between the two heating systems, the gas pool heaters have been around for a very long time, perhaps just as long as the electric pool heaters have been. The popularity of gas heaters could be attributed to the initial low cost of these heaters.

Operating Process for Pool Heaters

1. Gas Pool Heaters Functioning

The gas pool heaters work in the same way as the water boiler or heater at home does. The water is heated over an open flame. Among the two types of gas heaters, natural gas pool heaters are preferable to propane because they are a permanent solution that will last for years. Though you will have to spend more on them, and you will have to call a professional to install them. However, the propane heaters work by using small refillable tanks that you must refill often.

2. Electric Pool Heaters Functioning

On the other hand, electric pool heaters work by simply pulling the water over its heating elements which are heated by electricity, but the electric pool heaters are not created equally. You will enjoy the best heating effects on the pool if the heater has many heating coils.

If you are new to all this, the electric heater’s operation is similar to that of the tankless water heater that you may have at home. Generally, individuals who prefer fast heating up of the pool water will like the electric heating systems.

Pool Heater Installation Process

Setting up a gas pool heater is easy. You only need to connect the heating unit to the gas line, but like everything else electric, electric heaters are risky. So, get an experienced installation company to install the electric pool heater

When to Use?

If you have a large pool or live in a large cold environment, you should use gas pool heaters. You can use them to warm the pools in winter. The electric pool heaters on the other hand are ideal to warm the smaller pools, and also for pools that don’t need too much heating. It is also suitable for use on cold nights when you need to maintain the colder temperature for the pool.