General Motors Vehicle Recall Lawsuit


In February of 2014, General Motors issued a recall for more than 2.86 million vehicles due to a variety of defects. Less than two weeks later, GM recalled 1 million more vehicles due to a potentially dangerous ignition switch defect; which one could argue contributed to dozens of car accidents and the death of at least 12 people. For their handling of the recalls underlying management system, GM is now under investigation from the U.S. attorney’s office as a criminal matter.

Learn about emission problems that may lead to the lawsuit

Despite the extensive damage to General Motors, the company has still denied submitting a bankruptcy. The company filed documents in May of 2017 claiming they have no liabilities or claims and under no circumstances would they be liquidated, even with this class-action lawsuit affecting 3.3 million people.

General Motors may have breached a recent law requiring them to respond quickly to any incident that may lead to death and injury. The agency is looking into the timeline surrounding this anticipated discovery.

General Motors is facing an airbag recall lawsuit on their manufacturing of faulty airbags and the installed GM decals. Many cases surrounding this issue have been triggered, as the company’s faulty product caused some to disconnect, block, or change safety settings. This resulted in harrowing incidents that risked anyone close by, leading them to file legal claims.

Vehicles affected by a faulty switch

General Motors told the public that there is a new GMV ignition switch problem where “A long enough charge can shut off the power and turn off safety equipment in some crashes.” GM then said they are now recalling around 1.5 million cars in North America alone because of this issue.

Additional Recalls as of Sept. 3, 2018

General Motors is in the process of fixing the problems with their latest recalls, the safety defect issues started back in the summer, and recall notices have been sent out to all affected car owners. The potential for these vehicle defects is scary: for example, 1.2 million crossover SUVs need re-wiring, 64,000 full-size sedans need new brakes, 330,000 vans need modified instruments installed to keep passengers safe.

GM didn’t take steps to take down all faulty GMC vehicles and now faces a lawsuit for the risk of injury those defects create.

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