Get a Free Las Vegas Vacation with POP! Slots and myVEGAS Slots

Start playing POP! Slots and the myVEGAS Family of games and apps, and get free 5 Star Hotel Rooms in Las Vegas, tickets for some amazing shows like Cirque du Soleil, exotic buffets, and much more! Continue reading to find out where you can get Pop Slots free chips so that you can earn these freebies quickly and plan your vacation right away!

What is POP! Slots and myVEGAS Slots

POP! Slots is in included in the family of myVEGAS Slots games, which include POP! Slots App, myVEGAS Slots App, myVEGAS Blackjack App, and myVEGAS on Facebook. These are casino slot games, and blackjack that you can play on your phone or computer and earn real world prizes to redeem in Las Vegas and other places worldwide. These games are free to play and are also incredibly fun! The best part is that the more you play, the more you earn. It’s actually quite easy to earn heavily subsidized vacations, and even free trips!

How Do I Start?

Since the more you play, the more you earn, I suggest downloading and playing all 4 apps as well as playing myVEGAS on Facebook as well. Since all the games can be linked together, I suggest linking them to your Facebook Account, so that everything will sync together.

The most important aspects of these games are your chips and loyalty points, or gold coins as referred to by some people. You have to collect chips to play the game, where your target goal is to earn these loyalty points or gold coins. You then use these loyalty points to redeem for myVEGAS Rewards in the game! For example, it costs 200,000 loyalty points for a 2 complimentary night stay at the world-famous Bellagio of Las Vegas. Using the strategy below, this amount can be earned in less than a month!

General Strategy

The most important aspect of this game is chip management. If you have chips, you can continue playing and keep earning those loyalty points! If you have no more chips, then you can’t play and earn! The more you bet/play, the faster your loyalty points meter goes up, and the more you earn!

The secret of getting free chips is POP! Slots and the myVEGAS games will release chip links daily through all their social media platforms and through emails. This website aggregates all these links, plus even some that aren’t posted publicly sometimes! Visit the site daily to get POP Slots Free Coins and Free Chips to all the other myVEGAS family of games!

There are also other ways to get more free chips such as through daily spins, hourly collections, and much more. The website above will have a guide for you to ensure you will get the maximum amount of chips that you can.

When you’ve accumulated your chips, start playing your favorite casino slots games! There’s not really any strategy in playing the games, but just make sure your loyalty points meter is running. There is a limit on some of the games, so the meter stops when you’ve hit it. You must stop playing immediately once these meters max out to preserve chips.


There’s no reason not to start playing these games! They’re 100% free, incredibly fun, and provide some amazing Las Vegas rewards! Start today, earn those Pop Slots gold coins and myVEGAS loyalty points, and plan your free Las Vegas vacation tomorrow!