Get a Good Night’s Rest using CBD for better sleep

CBD has become a widely used treatment for various types of ailments such as anxiety and pain, but many ask if it works for those with sleep disorders like insomnia? Many studies on CBD benefits have skyrocketed and have found that CBD effects for sleep are shooting up. Anxiety and sleep disorders are said to be directly linked; when you hit the pillow and can’t stop thinking about things that make you anxious, you find it extremely difficult to fall asleep.

The study results 

Recent research of 72 patients studied their sleep patterns with the use of CBD oil. During the three month study, researchers’ data exhibited that 66-79 percent of patients showed an improvement in managing anxiety and sleep in the first month after taking various CBD doses. After two months of CBD intake, 56-78 percent of patients experienced improved sleep and anxiety management. The research’s overall result showed that most people had sustained more response to anxiety and sleep. Though the result was not clear cut like anxiety reduction, patients reported mild improvement in their sleep.

How does CBD reduce anxiety?

It’s crucial you take a closer look into the science of CBD and how it helps reduce anxiety. The studies done around CBD and sleep have thrown light that CBD directly affects anxiety and stress. It is an indicator that a reduction in both tension and stress could result in getting better sleep. Let us take a look at the science.

CBD for sleep works with the CB1 receptor in the human brain. It has led the researchers to believe that the direct interaction between CBD and the CB1 receptor can change the human body’s serotonin signals. The brain and central nervous system of the human body hold thousands of CB1 receptors. These CB1 receptors are essential receptors within the nervous system and are necessary to ensure the brain’s healthy functioning. Depending on the brain’s specific section, CB1 receptors can control things like memory, motor functions, pain management, and mood.

Serotonin has around 14 receptors; one of them is 5-HT1A, which plays a significant role in affecting anxiety disorders. It is also seen that when you consume CBD specifically, it binds to the 5-HT1A receptor and positively affects anxiety.

The human body produces cannabinoids naturally, like ones found in THC and CBD. These natural cannabinoids are used throughout the endocannabinoid system. When you continuously stress out, the endocannabinoid system has a high chance of becoming dysfunctional. Consuming CBD can help prevent overstimulation of the CB1 receptors, thus boosting the human body’s production of endocannabinoids and ensuring that it is healthy and contains the risk of dysfunction.

CBD is also known to stimulate the growth of neurons in the human body. During stress, the neurons can be damaged, which results in shrinkage of brains over time. However, the brain is capable of regeneration throughout the human lifetime. Intake of CBD will boost neuron regeneration. CBD significantly stimulates the regeneration process in areas such as the hippocampus, which controls motivation, emotions, learning, and memory in the human body.

How to consume CBD for sleep?

CBD causes minimal to no side effects, with the minimal side effect being mild fatigue. Mild fatigue will ultimately result in sleep. While trying CBD for sleep, there are certain things you have to pay attention to. Taking CBD is considered to be one of the standard short term approaches for getting sleep. You have to choose the right method of CBD intake. Vaping and smoking CBD might show instant effects, but the information of CBD pills, CBD oils, and edibles might have a prolonged impact because the release of CBD is slower into the system.

It is recommended that, if you suffer from insomnia or sleep issues, consult doctors first. There are also chances that CBD interacts with medications you are taking already.

Bottom line

The studies related to CBD are still in the infancy stage, and more extensive studies are to be done to understand the benefits of CBD completely and its relationship with CBD. When you plan to take CBD for sleep, you have to make sure that it is slow and steady. When you plan to take CBD for rest, you have to make sure that it is slow and steady. You can get a variety of CBD for sleep online. It comes in a variety of forms, such as oils and chewable.