Get A Reward By ACE & Trustly – €10 Extra.


Do you know that there are competitive benefits waiting for you from the ACE money transfer? When it comes to making an online money transfer, ACE offers a choice of possibilities. ACE is a global money transfer firm that fulfils your money transfer needs worldwide. The company has a high-level customer satisfaction from its more than 3 million satisfied customers sending and receiving funds from 309K+ payment locations.

They’ve made it easier than ever for their excellent clientele to send payments securely using a money transfer service that is open to everybody. How about getting a reward of €10 from the ACE money transfer?

Get a €10 reward by using ACE & Trustly to make an online money transfer

ACE is a name you can trust all around the world. ACE Money Transfer specialises in efficient remittance services worldwide to ensure that beneficiaries get their payments on time. They provide a 24-hour service, making international money transfers easy and simple. Their online money transfer service is one of the best services for transferring money to family and friends, no matter where they are in the world.

Here is how to earn an extra €10 by making an online bank transfer

Customers that use Trustly to make an online bank transfer and perform their first International Money Transfer with ACE will receive a reward of €10. Only German citizens are eligible for this promotion. The offer brings amazing benefits as you not only can earn and save more but also can increase your chances to win bumper prizes.

When you continue to make more and more transactions, you keep adding an extra €10 on every online money transfer. In this way, you not only earn huge amounts but a lot of transactions make you eligible to enter the lucky draw and win a mega reward of 1-crore rupees.

What if you get the best Exchange Rates along with No Upfront Fee?

ACE has been serving its clients since 2002 with the best offers and promotions more than their expectations. The company provides the best exchange rate to its customer in the market that gives ultimate peace of mind and satisfaction to them.

Often the customers using online money transfers are found worried due to high charges applied on transactions. ACE has resolved this concern as well by offering Free first transactions to its new customers as a welcoming gesture. The existing customers enjoy minimal fees on sending money online to their friends, family, and anyone in the world.

What is the Procedure for Sending Money Online with ACE?

ACE online Money Transfer is pleased to provide top-notch payout services to its prestigious clientele. Customers may either pick up their payment or have it transferred straight into their bank account at any central commercial bank.

ACE Money Transfer connects people from all over the world with the financial resources and solutions they require. The company has devised a simple and easy process to send online money to anyone. To get started, log in to your account and follow the instructions below:

  • Choose a country as your final destination.
  • Choose a payout option from the Payout calculator, such as Bank or Cash.
  • Decide on a Payout Partner.
  • Enter the desired amount.
  • Complete the Beneficiary Information section.
  • Select a payment method: debit card, credit card, or online bank transfer.
  • Confirm the details and explain why the money is being sent.
  • Click on “Pay Now.”

ACE Money Transfer values its customers more than any other service provider in the industry. The company prefers customer satisfaction and their delight by providing them with the offers and services they expect. Do not wait anymore and start enjoying amazing benefits from ACE on your online money transfers anywhere.

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