Get A Thorough Dental Clean Every 6 Months

Brushing our teeth, flossing daily, and using mouthwash are non-negotiable for dental hygiene. Still, there’s more to getting a charming smile made up of white and shiny teeth. Protect your teeth and prevent tooth decay by keeping up with your six-month dental visit for a thorough clean. Patients often ask if this is necessary, and this article has all the answers you need. Also, contact an experienced dentist Chelmsford that gives the best results in your dental treatment.

Top Reasons To Get Your Teeth Cleaned Every 6 Months

From face value, it’s easy to think that personal oral hygiene practices are adequate to keep plaque build-up and other dental problems away. But are they? DIY approaches to oral health can only go so far, and there are several benefits to professional teeth cleaning services.

Your Teeth Clean Is Also A Check-Up

Getting your teeth cleaned annually provides an opportunity for your dentist to examine your oral health. Unlike viewing your teeth by yourself, they use a mirror to check the state of your teeth and gums. It makes it easier to point out any disease or infection early before further deterioration.

Gum disease is a common issue and the leading cause of tooth loss. To maintain your set of teeth, your dentist will spot the early signs for treatment. This ensures fast and complete recovery. A regular gum check-up is a key to a healthy smile, even in old age.

Patients are usually surprised to discover that they had dental issues during these cleanings when all along, their teeth looked good. Bi-annual checks will save you time and money down the road from dental complications. Your natural teeth are easily preserved, and issues with fillings and crowns are identified earlier rather than later.

Removing Plaque And Tartar

Plaque removal is the most time-consuming task in dental cleanings. Your hygienist uses a scaler to clear the plaque build-up on teeth. The best flosser is no match for this tool since it may miss the difficult-to-reach areas. Your hygienist will take a keen interest in these spots for a thorough clean that prevents plaque build-up.

Any tartar built up on teeth will also not be spared. Tartar forms as a result of plaque not being fully cleared. Plaque that remains on teeth accumulates to become hardened tartar and calculus. Tartar takes a yellow or brown colour and is often an unpleasant sight once visible. It causes teeth loss and a withdrawn gum line. Thus, regular cleaning at home can’t clear tartar. Professional routine teeth cleanings are your best bet for evading the building up of tartar.

Polishing And Flossing

During the visit to your dentist in East Bentleigh, the teeth cleaning service incorporates polishing and flossing. Teeth polishing comprises utilising gritty toothpaste with a polishing tool. The special toothpaste features slightly abrasive properties to clear plaque and tartar build-up. If you’re looking to evoke a glossy look on your set of thirty-two, your dental hygienist will help you boost your confidence with a radiant smile.

Additionally, they will include professional flossing in these deep cleanings. After flossing your teeth at home, there may be traces of debris and toothpaste. This is especially true for the places that are challenging to reach and clean. Your hygienist will floss these spots and every other area of your mouth. This is best to ensure that no sections of your mouth remain uncleaned for long periods, which may promote intricate dental issues.


A regular 6-month dental clean is recommended to give you peace of mind and be on top of your oral health. We are bound to miss signs of dental issues and certain areas of our mouth during cleaning. Professional help comes in handy for a detailed clean that will preserve your teeth for years to come.