Get Farm-fresh Flowers For Puja With A Hassle-free Online Flower Delivery


In the Indian culture performing Pooja or worshipping our god is considered to be sacred. It is one of our rituals to offer prayers to our deities. Early in the morning and in the evening, we remember God for all important events, whether leaving for an exam for a job interview or going somewhere or returning from somewhere. We always pray to God to keep us safe and shower their blessings upon us. one important ritual of Pooja includes offering flowers to the deities. Whether you want to celebrate occasions such as Navratri, Diwali, Rakhi, Holi, Dussehra or you want to get flowers for performing your daily rituals you may order flowers online to get the desired flower at your doorstep that too without even worrying about out finding a place where a particular flower that is dear to your God grows. You may buy a variety of flowers such as roses, jasmine, lilies, Aprajita, hibiscus and many others just at a single click of your mouse and use them for your ceremonies. You can buy loose flowers and then tie them into garlands as per your convenience or offer a bunch of flowers to the deity on special occasions like Onam, Ganesh puja, Durga Puja etc.

You may have a look at the flower guide that will tell you about some of the popular flowers that are dear to Indian deities:

  • Shevanti or the chrysanthemums, Kunda or Jasmine and Durva or grass are considered to be due to the Pratham Pujya or the Lord Ganesha. According to the Hindu scriptures, he is worshipped for immense wisdom. You can seek the blessings of Lord Ganesha by offering these flowers along with sweets like laddu and Modak.
  • You may order Red Roses online for festivals like Durga Puja as the Goddess of strength loves the colour red. Therefore people offer Red Flowers such as Hibiscus and roses to her.
  • Bel Pushp, bilva flower or any white flower can be offered to Lord Shiva for pleasing him and seeking his blessings.
  • You may offer Kadam or Parijat to Lord Krishna along with Milk products in order to please the deity.
  • You may seek the lovely Bloom of lotus flower for Goddess Lakshmi. you might have seen her residing over the flower, Lotus is dear to the Goddess of wealth. therefore you may offer a Lotus to please her.

An online flower delivery of your favourite flowers can save lots of time. flowers have always been considered important to mankind. They are given as gifts. They are also used for decorative purposes. They are used in food as well. Apart from all these uses, you can also use flowers for offering them in temples. We have always been using flowers to convey our emotions of love, affection and gratitude towards our loved ones. Likewise, we can also use these beauties to express our gratitude to God who has bestowed so many blessings upon us. It is also believed that certain flowers can be offered to a particular god or goddess because they are fond of those flowers and offering these flowers can result in the fulfillment of your wishes and desires. Ordering Puja flowers from web portals has many benefits.

  • The foremost advantage would be that of being assured of receiving fresh flowers that can be offered to God.
  • Another important benefit would be the fact that you will be delivered good quality flowers that are clean and have been freshly plucked from the farm.
  • If in case you need flowers in a large quantity for a special pooja ceremony or a festival then you can purchase a bulk of flowers from a web portal and receive them at your doorstep.
  • Purchasing flowers online saves you from the time and effort that you would make in leaving your house, finding the florist and getting the flowers to your house. it also saves you from being stuck in the traffic jam in the City
  • It may happen that you would not be able to find a particular flower in a nearby garden or at an offline florist but you can surely avail them at web portals as online shops have a huge variety of flowers for every occasion.

So next time you have a traditional ceremony at home you may opt for flowers home delivery.

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