Get to know all about winter care for your kitten


The statistics reveal a significant increase in people acquiring kittens as pets. Many people find kittens cute and adorable, while others prefer them over other animals because kittens are comparatively easy to train. They are playful and can bring life to an otherwise dead place. Besides, health experts also suggest keeping a feline home as it has proven to keep the owners stress free and helps them stay fit. Sharing your space with a kitten not only reduces the feeling of loneliness but also prevents allergies. Owning a pet when you have children helps inculcate good qualities in them and discipline them.

Before you bring a kitten home, you need to wrap your head around the thought that it is a full-time job. Felines need owners’ attention and time, and as an owner, you will have to incorporate some changes in your routine. Furthermore, kittens’ vaccinations, trimmings, and regular medications also become your responsibility. The young felines are vulnerable, and they can get sick with little exposure to harsh weather. They need special care during winter, and negligence from the owners’ end can lead to multiple health problems in kittens.

Some people love to have kittens in their abodes, but the thought of giving special care to kittens holds them back. The following are some ways that will help you in taking care of your beloved kitten in winters:

1. Keep the Kitten Indoors

The outside is generally breezy and cool during winter, and the weather may not suit your kitten. Try to keep your kitten inside, and set your temperature moderate indoors. Felines are naturally athletic, and they do not like to stay idle. Provide kittens with different activities that amuse them and keep your kittens active. Most kitten owners keep cats’ litter tray outdoors because felines like to go outside when they feel a need. Kittens get domesticated quickly, and for winters, you will have to limit outdoor activities and train them accordingly. You can call a cat litter delivery service and get a litter tray for indoors. Kittens are tender, and even a light breeze is severe to them.

2. Warm Bedding

Kittens often lay down when they get tired while playing and sleep. Some may have their designated sleep area, while others tend to take rest on the floor. Surfaces get extremely cold in winters, and it is better that you provide a substitute sleeping option for them. Prolonged contact with chilly surfaces will make kittens prone to sickness. Markets have several options for kitten bedding, but if you do not want to spend an exuberant amount of money, you can make a d-i-y bed at home. Cane baskets with straw inside provide warmth and comfort, and kittens love to snuggle in there. Ensure that you keep your beloved cat’s bed in a warm spot; a carpeted area would be a wise choice.

3. Regular Health Checkup

Kittens do not come with guidelines. Before you get one, you must consult an expert and get an insight into the dos and don’ts of having a cute young cat home. Regular consultation with a veterinarian is your kitten’s need, and when it is harsh weather, it becomes essential for them. Preventive medicine will keep illnesses at bay and make their immunity strong. Winters bring cold, freezing winds; aside from necessary rounds of vaccinations and deworming treatments, they need anti-allergic medications shots. It would be wise to take your kitten for a checkup before the temperature drops. The veterinarian will also provide you with some useful suggestions.

4. Balanced Nutrition

Diet is crucial for the health, and felines need to take special food items during winters. As per a rough estimate, kittens’ food intake boosts up to 15 % more than their summer diet. As an owner, you should have sufficient food for them and eat to their hearts’ content. Kittens may throw tantrums and give you a hard time eating, but you need to be patient with them. An adequate diet keeps kittens healthy and strengthens their body.

5. Take Your Kitten Out in Sunlight

The sun does not give scorching heat in winters, but it sets out and makes the weather sunny. It rises only a few days in some places, but you should take advantage of those sunny days. Sunlight has innumerable benefits. When it sets out, take your kitten out and let it play in ultra-violet rays. Sunlight will keep their bodies warm and lift their spirits. Besides, sunlight drives the insects away and kills harmful germs.

6. Keep Them Engaged

Kittens can be unpredictable. Owners often bring several toy items thinking that their beloved animal would enjoy playing with them. Still, kittens might not even look at them. A smart approach is to purchase several inexpensive toy items to give kittens some variety. Kittens like to stay active and sleep only when they get exhausted. Markets have numerous options, and kitten owners can get various toys to keep their cats engaged. Moreover, kittens do not feel cold when they play, as mobility keeps their body temperature warm. Catnip is beneficial for kittens, and getting catnip stuffed items for them to play around makes kittens happy yet athletic.

7. Give Cat Access to Freshwater

Cats’ water intake reduces significantly during winters, and it may lead to dehydration. Make sure that your kitten has access to water and drinks it often by itself. Owners find placing water in kittens’ reach convenient, but the water gets cold during winter and makes kittens sick. To ensure that the kittens have access to fresh water, you must check the water regularly and see that your cat does not drink cold water. Slight negligence may result in severe consequences.


The mercury drops low during winter and makes the chilly air unbearable. Kittens may not articulate their discomfort, but they feel cold and become sick. You can prepare some shelter boxes for stray cats, where they can take a sleep in solace. Winter clothes, warm beddings, and preventive medicines will help in keeping your felines healthy. Adequate indoor temperature and proper care will make your cat satisfied and active.


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