Get Your Kicks: The Real Story Behind Revenge X Storm Shoes


For those sneaker enthusiasts among us, the rise and fall of the Revenge x Storm brand have been a whiplash. However, Revenge x Storm, whether you like it or not, has had a huge impact on the fashion footwear business since its arrival in late 2016.

Ian Connor and Noah Stutz founded Revenge X Storm, a popular footwear business, in 2017. In the end, though, it closed its doors in 2018-2019. The company’s demise is being blamed on charges of sexual harassment and bogus items.

But, if you’re looking for a post-mortem on this brand, keep on reading for our full breakdown of the history of revenge x storm and what made it tick.

An Overview of the History of Revenge X Storm

Even though it is a new company, Revenge Storm has already swept aside the competition from other tiny shoe companies. Both Noah Stutz and Ian Connor, the company’s founders, were huge fans of street style. And, it appears to be the message the brand is attempting to get over to the rest of the fashion world.

It’s interesting to note that the Revenge X Storm shoes were only a remix of “Noah Stutz” and Ian Connor’s favorite pair of Van sneakers. The brand was initially conceived as a piece of art created out of boredom, according to the original founders of the business.

For this reason, the major goal of the company was to have the shoes accepted and appreciated by everyone. It wasn’t meant only as a “fashion fashionable shoe,” but as something that even a beginner would like wearing.

Building the Brand

Critcs slammed this brand’s Revenge Storm shoes for looking too much like low-top Vans sneakers. But, the lightning bolt utilized as the brand’s symbol really set it apart from its competitors. You can take a look at (and buy) Revenge X Storm here.

As a result, Revenge Storm has been able to build a following despite the fact that it competes with well-known brands like Vans Old Skool shoes.

Influencers on Instagram and other social media platforms began promoting the brand in early 2017. Models, rappers, musicians, and sportsmen all wore it. Basically, it became so popular that it was overhyped.

Ian Connor, a fashion designer, and social media influencer is responsibile for this rise in fame. Connor seems to have developed several relationships and sweet spots with influential people during this time period.  For example, if you want to buy the latest shoes and keep up with the modern trends, you can browse over to London Rebel shoes and find something that matches your taste.  You can also look at RayRose dance shoes as well or even ugg boots!  Its important that you Dress up according to the occasion as well even when wearing Good boxing shoes.

The Beginning of the End

It wasn’t long before the Revenge Storm began to have a lot of fakes, and the brand imploded as a result. Things started to go sour for the company around the year 2019.

To generate questionable sales off of this popular brand, fake gurus proliferated everywhere. As a consequence, the brand’s prominence in the marketplace got a hit.

As a result of clients freaking out over the outrageous prices of the phony storms, the brand was caught off guard and rendered virtually useless for a period of time.

However, Revenge Storm hasn’t been entirely shut down. The trademark authority gave them a rest trademark. This indicates that they are currently working to correct the situation before returning to normal in 2021.  Maybe it was the running shoes who knows?

Revenge X Storm: Who Owns the Brand?

Since “he enjoys painting on his vehicle shoes while still a youngster at 17,” Noah Stutz and Ian Connor are said to be the real founders of Revenge Storm.

Revenge Storm’s lightning bolt insignia was created by him using leather and he attached it to a pair of Converse shoes, thereby creating the first pair of sneakers.

Furthermore, Ian Connor, a well-known fashion icon, was a close friend of Noah Stutz and pushed the brand to celebrities, rappers, sportsmen, and other fashion industry influencers.

A self-confessed “lord of the youth,” Ian declared himself to be due to the fact that he was a social media celebrity that every young person liked. Originally from Atlanta, he relocated to New York City at the age of 18 and began amassing social media accounts with his identity and flair.

Understanding Why the Brand Vanished

Basically, fake Revenge X Storm hit the market like a storm (pun intended).

It was the unlawful mass manufacture of Revenge Storm shoes that was on the increase in late 2019 that ultimately brought to the demise of the brand. Revenge X Storm sales and popularity were soaring at that time among minor shoe labels that had existed before to the brand.

Its sudden and unexpected success caught the sneaker industry off guard, and the fake geniuses had no choice but to cash in on the opportunity by releasing a knockoff pair of storm shoes.

As a result, the unlawful mass manufacture of counterfeit storm shoes from phony dealers gained the rage at that time of year-2019.

Ian Connor Was Accused of Harassment

Despite the fact that Ian Connor was accused of rape and sexual harassment, the demise of this formidable brand was attributed to this.

In reality, the claims made were only brought up because Ian Conner, the inventor of the company, was once referred to as “rape vans.” Revenge X Storm decided to emphasize that it was formed by Noah Stutz, not Ian Connor. It was an effort to dispel this erroneous perception.

In any case, the allegations had little or no impact on the company’s demise. It’s worth noting that “every original edition of a product really has a fake of its sort,” and that was the case with the Revenge X Storm brand.

The Story of Revenge X Storm Shoes

The fascinating story of the Revenge X Storm can be taught in branding and marketing classes. Other than the fact that they’re really cool shoes, it highlights what not to do as a brand and how careful you need to be when it comes to fakes.

We hope that our little explainer gave you a good overview of the sneakers, and you should head straight to our fashion section for more guides and explainers like this one.

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