Get Your Short Film Financed and Reap Heavily From It!

Film financing isn’t only meant for long movies but for short movies too. Though we are going to share out the exciting secret for short filmmaking financing, only a few filmmakers might adopt this idea. I want you to understand how to raise funds for your short film project.

If you are keen, you will realize that very competitive local businesses are always seeking to improve their exposure and balance sheet. Though this may sound to be sad news, it has something good in it if you think commercially! To get their attention, you can them an exciting piece as a proposal and make efforts to ensure it benefits their business. With positive results, these businesses will turn to be a consistent source of your finances.

If you are to earn money out of short films and help your clients to make money, you need to approach the right local businesses

How to go about it

First, you should start by doing adequate market research. You must be certain of the businesses you want to work with before approaching them. Searching online is a great idea because you’ll be able to get companies that currently have affiliate programs.

By now you should be looking into the company details to ascertain they are the right ones to approach. After that, you should get a great idea of the company’s brands or products and develop a unique and creative idea. The pitch should be a combination of movies you have made previously and a presentation of your strong idea. The commercial has to be commercial not forgetting you are after financing. Because these companies have mailing lists, your content will end up going viral.

Make the short film and sign up for the affiliate program. Post this video on YouTube and ensure to include your hyperlink to the affiliate program in your video description. This way, you will easily track the number of clicks and sign-ups from your link.

The challenge remains that you need viewers of this content. The best way to do this is by promoting the video by sharing its link with the company’s mailing list. Request the viewers to leave comments. These comments are crucial because they mean that your video is popular. To YouTube, this is a sign of people engaging in your videos.

The results will be a lot of people clicking the link in your video description and viewing your short films. Amazingly, some of the viewers will also subscribe to your channel making it more viable to post the next videos.

There is a little bit more to do if you want to boost your campaign further. The video title you use should have keywords associated with some popular videos on YouTube. Apply the same idea for the tags you use. Doing so will see your videos appearing in the ‘related videos’ section and people watching popular videos will also watch your video.

There is always an option…

Finally, you can also decide to get financing from renowned film investment companies. If you take that as an option, you can check red rock entertainment reviews to see if it’s the right company for you.