Getting a blow-dry like a salon at home


There is nothing better than going to a salon and having the hairstyle done by an expert stylist, with your hair feeling bouncy, voluminous, and soft. You feel like a total diva when you walk outside of the parlor–you feel like you are ready to face the world. Women can feel more confident and invincible with a fresh blow-dry that lifts their mood and lifts their spirits. We have created your personalized hairstyle guide for you to follow if you are wondering how to recreate this amazing hairstyle from the comfort of your own home. With the aid of your hair dryer, you will be able to attain a professionally blow-dried look at a without having to step outside or going to a great option like blowdry bar Brisbane. Take note of these steps so that you can enjoy a good hair day no matter where you are!

How to create salon-like blow-dry in your own home

Before blow drying, wash your hair

This simple step is often overlooked but it makes a big difference in the look and feel of your hair. You can add a conditioner after a mild shampoo, and you can wash your strands with a mild shampoo in water that is lukewarm the next time you want to play with your bouncy hair.

Dry your hair with a towel

When your hair is wet, you would like to let it dry to some extent such that you can blow-dry it. The hair is particularly fragile and prone to breaking when it is wet. Therefore, wrap it with a towel or a t-shirt to allow it to dry completely. At this point, start blow-drying the hair once the hair is partially dry. You should never blow dry extremely wet hair with the Hair Dryer. As you blow air on the wet hair, reach out for your hands in the strands until they reach the exact level of dampness that you would like them to be.

Select the Right Hair Brush

When blow-drying your hair, it is very important that you use a brush that is right for the job. Divide your hair into sections that are distinct from each other and then, based on the texture and thickness of your hair, gently start detangling all of them. It is an excellent idea to brush the hair with the brush while simultaneously drying and styling as well. Make waves, curly locks, or even straighten your hair by using the hairbrush.

Adding some cool air to the end

To seal your hair look, blow cool air from a distance after you have finished styling your hair. As a result, the hair strands become smooth and shiny, and the frizz can be reduced. Adding cold air at the end of the blow-drying session gives your hair an added volume and you’re all set!

Tips for blow-drying

  • On Wet Hair, it is not recommended to use a Hair Dryer, as this could cause more frizz. Be sure to towel dry your hair before using heat.
  • When styling the hair, be patient and take your time. To achieve the best results, divide your hair into multiple sections without jumping between them quickly.
  • Make sure to brush your hair bangs while styling them to smooth out the frizz and remove it. Then you can stop by your hair salon any time during the day to have your hair blow-dried and flipped by a professional stylist.
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