Getting Big On VK Can Be Great For Your Business


Named “Facebook of Russia”, VKontakte or simply VK is the largest and the most used social media platforms in Russia. If you have not heard of it before it operates just like Facebook or Twitter. You can add friends, gain followers, post video, text and picture content on your personal page. However the platform is not only for the individuals. The site also allows the businesses to create personal pages where they can market the products or services they offer. Social media being as influential as it is, VK has become one of the most convenient and efficient ways to achieve success and growth in what you do. If you know how to use it, VK can mold into your own personal advertising agency that you are in control of.

Why VK?

Unlike other big social media platforms VK is targeted towards Eastern European countries and it is the most popular social media in Russia with over 70 million daily users. You may need to look a bit further into VK statistics to get the idea of the numbers VK pulls. The site is owned by and is directly linked to Yandex which gives it even more exposure. Vk is the way to break into or make it in Eastern European and Russian markets.

An advantage you need to know of is the lack of the strict IP and copyright policy can obviously be used in beneficial ways when it comes to advertising businesses. What this means is that you come across the prototypical features adopted from and modelled in a way that exist on different internet and social media. Check out VK file sharing, interface and check-ins to see for yourself.

How do you get on VK?

Sign up process can be done in just a few minutes by using your Email or phone number. You can even use your Facebook account to join the site. When your account is set up VK gives you the option to provide detailed information about yourself or your brand by filling out an in depth profile page. The information will be displayed on your page. Navigation is easy because despite theplatform being Russian it has language options that gives you the version of the entire site in your preferred language. However, you are at a great advantage if you know Russian. You can communicate with locals better, attract a wider audience and help your business grow.

Ways to help your business via VK

Number one advantage VK has is how detailed their search algorithm is. Being allowed to provide extensive information about yourself and your brand it becomes extremely easy for VK users to find you or get into contact with you.

Some of the basics you need to do in order to spark the growth of business include: hashtagging which is one of the key options when you want your brand to become known to a wide audience.

Another useful feature introduced quite recently is video bannering. This option allows the users to create smaller visual or text advertisements that turn into full screen video ads once you click on them. But that’s not all. Even more exciting and innovative is the fact that VK users can “like” the ad, add to “favorites” or share them. They can also see who the others are  interested in the same brand as them. BAside from video banners, business owners using VK for marketing strategies find it useful to create public pages. Public pages are a great way to engage with the audience and have direct communication. This is extremely convenient when it comes to getting feedback from the users of your products or services fast.

Don’t hurry!

Do not rush into using all the useful features once you decide to advertise your brand on VK. Gain the audience first. Invest into your business and buy VK followers before you make a use of video banners, public pages or the unique search algorithm. Investment is too big of a word as buying a large number of followers on VK costs almost nothing compared to the money spent on the advertising campaigns business owners have to launch in order to get somewhere.

Much like other social media the number of followers you have on VK determines the success of your business. You know the drill. Big numbers equal more exposure, gradual growth, even more audience of not only potential customers but also the chances to get noticed by bigger brands in the related as well as not related fields that may come in handy. Think about collaborations as another great way to establish yourself as a powerful brand. So increase the number of followers first to successfully utilize all the unique features VK offers to help boost your business.

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