Getting Your Patio Summer-Ready – Tips and Tricks


The last vestiges of winter are at last receding, with the first promising buds of spring poking through the soil and the days lengthening at last. Winter is particularly punishing when it comes to our gardens, as the life seems to drain from them, and each passing day of miserable weather takes its toll yet further on the patio. But with spring arriving, and summer hot on its heels, now is the perfect time to start thinking about getting that patio summer-ready – whether for entertaining family, guests or simply yourself on a relaxing day. But how best to ready your patio?

Spring Gardening

Having your patio ready for summer is all well and good, but if the garden around it has seen better days you may not want to spend much time there after all… As such, you should devote some time and energy to weeding your garden flowerbeds, as well as any planters near to your patio. Pruning and re-potting can give your plants a new lease of life after the cold winter months, and encourage growth as well. This is especially true of perennial plants, who like to compete with one another starting in the spring; giving them a little more room to flourish can ensure a wonderful flower show for you to enjoy from your patio.

Spruce Up Your Furniture

Next, you’ll want to turn your attention to any outdoor furniture you may have on your patio, such as bistro tables or outdoor sofas. Your furniture may have gotten a little messy after two seasons of disuse and inclement weather, so a good pressure-wash may well be in order – and while you’re at it, consider pressure-washing the patio itself, to get it gleaming. For metal furniture, you may find rust or corrosion as a result of the wetter weather over winter. Not to worry, though: simply use a cordless angle grinder to remove the rust and bring the furniture frame back to its best.

Decorate Your Patio

With a presentable garden and clean patio, you can finally think about the finishing touches that will really bring your garden to life. One great way to decorate your patio space is to use fairy lights to define or suggest spaces. Larger outdoor festoon lights are great for visibility and aesthetic, while smaller standard fairy lights can be used to create bespoke canopies of light. You could introduce a colour theme, and spray-paint your furniture to match – or simply introduce colourful cushions and textiles to the space for an injection of life. Lastly, items like chimineas can be a great aesthetic addition, but also a fantastic utilitarian one: you can use it to keep warm when the temperature drops after sunset, and also to cook on – making for a brilliant gimmick if you’re hosting guests.

Learn more about it in our post on how to use a chiminea.

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