Gift Ideas for Beer Lovers

Thinking of what gifts to give is one of the challenging things to do. Most of us have that friend who likes to drink beer a lot. If you’re looking for gift ideas to give that friend of yours, here are some of the cool things we’ve gathered. These gifts are for your friends or family members who loves finely crafted brew and for those home brewers as well.

Beer Savers Silicone Rubber Cap: This gift can ensure the freshness of beer. Though it can be controversial to some because beer lovers don’t usually save beer, but they can still come in handy.


Credit Card Bottle Opener: This gift is for the friend who’s always on the go. It’s easy to carry as it fits perfectly in wallets. He can open beer bottles wherever he is with this bottle opener.


Bottle Opener Hat: This is a stylish kind of bottle opener for a friend who always forget to bring one. He will no longer have to use the side of your table or other things in sight to open his beer bottle.


Beer Shampoo: Did you know that beer is great for hair? It is rich in amino acids, hops, roasted barley, and malt. Beer shampoo also has some added botanical extracts for an exceptional scent. This sure is a good gift for a beer lover friend.


Beer Cap Map: If your friend is a craft brew connoisseur or a home brewer, then I guess he will also enjoy collecting beer caps. It is also a great display he can hang on his home’s wall.


Magnetic Bottle Hangers: These are cool space savers for refrigerators. If your friend keeps stocks of beer at home, these might be useful for him to store his beers.


Beer Making Kit: If your friend loves drinking beer, then I bet he’ll also enjoy making his own. Drinking beer that you’ve made yourself can be rewarding.


Beer Chiller Stick: Your beer lover friend may find this beer chiller stick useful during parties and camping, especially when there’s no ice bucket available. Having this is like having a portable refrigerator.


Beer Aroma Booster: Beer lovers know that when a beer has been opened for a while, it loses its aroma. The beer aroma booster can solve that problem. Just push the button and enjoy the taste of a freshly poured beer.


Portable Beer Pong: Beer pong could be the favorite sport of beer lovers. Instead of giving your friend the usual red cups used in beer pong, you can gift him a portable beer pong. It is made of wood and its slingshot concept can make the game more fun.

Beer-Infused Foods

Aside from the things mentioned above, you can also give your beer-lover friend some beer-infused foods, and here are some ideas.

Beer-infused Hot Sauce: This is a variety pack of hot sauce made with real beer. It includes Asian Sriracha, Garlic Serano, and Roasty Chipotle flavors.


Beer Mustard: A gift box of Sierra Nevada Beer Mustard is a great gift. It includes three flavors, Pale Ale and Honey Spice, Porter and Spicy Brown, and Stout and Stoneground.

Beer Jelly: There are also beer jelly flavors like this pack of 6 draft beer made by the Jelly Belly Store. This has no alcohol, fat-free, gluten-free, peanut-free, and vegetarian-friendly. 


Gift for Home Brewers

If your friend is a home brewer, here are some of the cool gift ideas you can give him.

Recipe Journal: A homebrew recipe journal can help your friend keep track of his beer recipes. He can also record here his brewing procedures and tasting details which can help him recreate his winning recipes.


Beer Labels: These portable beer labels may be useful for your home brewer friend in labelling his home crafted beer. They are printable and water resistant as well.

If you don’t want to give material things, you can give a beer-lover friend a gift of experience as well. You can visit a local brewery and surprise him with a private tour. You can also give him tickets to beer festivals such as the Annual Great American Beer Festival, or the Great Beer Expo. However, if your friend doesn’t like extravagant things, you can simply give him his favorite beer, which I’m sure he’ll love, together with a large beer shaped foil balloon.