Gifts of 3D Printing: List of Delightful 3D Printed Products


Three-dimensional Printing, or 3D Printing, has been occupying the technological digital world since 1981. Since then, numerous items have been innovated as a product of 3D Printing. These items started only as digital ideas turned into digital files that are transformed into reality through 3D Printers.

Quite amusing. There is a great deal of items that you can create through 3D Printing. You have to secure the parts—particularly the digital file, the 3D printer, and the materials to be used—of its process. You can create numerous items, and some of them include the following:


Miniatures are small abridged versions of any object or thing. They are suitable for decorations, collections, or display. They are usually employed as tokens, giveaways, or gifts for birthdays, weddings, Christmas, or celebrations. Miniatures can also be in the form of a toy that can serve as a gift for kids.

But what is the crème de la crème way to make a DIY miniature? The most efficient way is through 3D Printing. With 3D Printing, you can turn your miniature ideas and design into reality. You have to check the features of the printer first and choose the best 3D printer for miniatures.

Bowl Set

Owning a 3D printer at home can help you create your kitchen utensils. A bowl set, for example, is one of them. A bowl set can be used as a container for soup, fruits, vegetables, and other food substances. It comes in different materials, suitable for its function and use.

The materials used in 3D Printing a bowl or any kitchen utensils should be “food safe,” which means the materials used are hazard-free, non-toxic, safe to be in contact with food, and are safe for human consumption. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved materials are the most suitable to use.

Pencil and Pen Holder

To avoid having a messy, unorganized, and cluttered study table, you should have a pencil and pen holder. You can buy one, but designing and creating your pencil and pen holder through 3D Printing is more personalized, creative, and sentimental.

Aside from its purposive feature as a desk organizer, pen holders can also serve as decoration and ornament for your desk. What with its artful, pleasant, attractive, and eye-catching design.

Phone Cases

You use your phone every step of your day. From the buzzing of the alarm clock app that wakes you in the morning to the social media apps that connect you to your friends and family around the globe. Frequently used, your phone needs a phone case as a safeguard. Phone cases are one of the beautiful gifts that 3D Printing has brought for our use.

The purpose of covering your phone with a phone case is to protect it from heat, dust, and accumulating scratches. Phone cases can also save your phone from slipping from your fingers because some are made of anti-slip materials such as silicone. Aside from that, they can also add attraction and aesthetic appeal to your phone.

Lego Bricks

Kids, and some adults, enjoy playing lego bricks. Lego bricks are part of our childhood. We learn how to build castles, houses, human figures, robot figures, etc. out of those bricks. Little did we know that those tiny pieces are a product of 3D Printing.

Lego bricks come in with different categories, types, colors, and sizes. The brick-types are the most popular. But there are others, including plates, SNOT or Studs Not On Top elements, slopes and curved bricks, beams, connectors, hinges, gears, wheels and treads, and other miscellaneous pieces.

Cable Clip

The best way to manage cables and wires is through the use of cable clips. Cable clips are used to pin wires and cables to the walls and furniture to keep them organized and fixed. With the use of them, you can avoid being tripped because of wires, and you can avoid being confused about which wire is which.

Plant Pot or Vases

People with green hands enjoy the company of plants in their home. They tend to cultivate different species of plants and flowers. And thus, they are more likely to spend more money on pots and vases.

With the help of a 3D printer, you can now produce your pots and vases for your beloved plants and flowers. You also can choose and create your design, style, shape, and color according to your desire and taste. If you plan to cultivate air plants, for instance, but could not find hanging pots, you can design and 3D print your own.


We’ve been using these items for years without knowing that they are a product of 3D Printing. 3D printers are expensive devices, but the objects and items they can produce are numerous and can run for a long time. Thus, purchasing and owning a 3D printer is investment-worthy.

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