Go Green: Ways to Make Your Workplace More Environmentally Friendly

The campaign to reduce human impact on the environment is now adapted by more and more people. It is a huge step if companies and businesses adapt it for their workplace because it gives a big support and a bold statement of their concern for our planet. The movements vary from eliminating plastic straws, completely avoiding animal products for company functions or replacing raw materials used with more sustainable ones. There could be multitude of ways in which you could participate as an office. No action is ever small in helping our environment. What’s most important is the initiative to participate. If you are planning to go green in your workplace, Here are some tips for you:

Go Paperless

In this digital age, what task is done on paper that couldn’t be done online? Almost every writing and drawing task can be done using your gadgets. Instead of photocopying pages of important documents for your next meeting for each of your colleagues, have the document scanned and sent to emails instead. It would save you paper, time and energy. Your phone and computer have features for note-taking and documentation so it’s a good idea to take advantage of that.

Office Recycling

If you can’t help but use paper because of the nature of your job, make sure not to dispose of them to the shredding machine right after. You could actually sell accumulated paper from your office to the junkyard or use them for crafting projects for your office. It is important to recycle these materials and use them again for other purposes. Additionally, you can add office recycling bins in your office premises as well. You do not just become environment- friendly, you become productive as a team too.

Bring Your Own Cups and Coffee Mugs

Bringing your own cups and mugs for your drinks is actually supported by a lot of restaurants and cafes. They even give discounts to customers who bring one for their take out. This is great for your office in order to avoid buying single-use plastics especially when you have events. To encourage your officemates to stop buying plastic water bottles, install water coolers for everyone so you have your own supply of water in the office. You can have one with a hot and cold feature which can be used both in making cold beverages and hot coffee or tea. There are models that have cupboards in them for you to put your cups and mugs. This is not only for convenience but for energy saving also.

Going environmentally friendly is actually convenient and helpful for companies and your office in terms of reducing waste and even minimizing expenses. With the immediate implementation and strict compliance from each and everyone, you can achieve your goal of helping the environment. It doesn’t have to be so bold and extravagant, you just have to work on your commitment to continually help save the world as a group. Going the extra mile is worth the future.