Golf Basics: What Golf Club Should A Beginner Start With?


Are you new to golf, and you just keep finding yourself not being able to get your ball in the air with every shot? Well, don’t worry, we’ve all been there. But on the other hand, knowing what club you should begin with will probably make the whole process a lot easier – and that’s where this article comes in. Here, we will talk about the best golf club that you should begin with.

Okay, so first things first, how many golf clubs do you even need, especially if you are a beginner? You’ve probably seen people with up to 14 clubs in their bags and thought to yourself: ”Do I really need this many golf clubs?” Well…no. You don’t. And if you are a beginner, to be fair, you don’t even need half of that. In the beginning, you really only need a few sticks to get you around the course and help you to learn the ropes, and as almost always – simplicity is the key. The most important clubs for an absolute beginner are the following: the hybrid, the seven iron, pitching wedge, and the putter. And after you have learned to hit with these ones properly, golf will come easy. Okay, so, now we are ready to talk clubs.

Why do your golf clubs matter?

It is very important for you to play with appropriate golf clubs when you are in the process of learning the game. The reason for this is that if you start off wrong, you’ll only have more things to work on later. Golf clubs for beginners usually have pretty larger club faces. They also have a shorter shaft. The reason for these differences is that they will make the game far more forgiving when talking about getting that ball into the air. And since it’s pretty common for the beginners to mess up the contact with the ball, as well as the swing, this can come in pretty handy. So, overall – beginner golf clubs will be less powerful but will ease up the process of gaining consistency and developing a technique.

How to choose your golf clubs?

As we have already mentioned, you don’t need a full set of 14 golf clubs for now. Beginner sets of clubs tend to have about 7 of them since you just don’t use some of the techniques that the other types provide. When it comes to choosing the best golf clubs for beginners, if we are talking about the exact brand and specs, there are just too many details about each brand and type of club for us to be able to cover it in this article. Because of that, in this section, we will explain the basics of each category of basic golf clubs in order to help you understand which ones do you need and for what.

  • A driver

A driver is the longest club in your bag, and also the one with the biggest head. These characteristics make it less precise, but all that more powerful, and that’s why it’s yous on the tee shot at the beginning of each hole – it will get your ball the furthest, as the name suggests.

  • A fairway wood

When you’re on the fairway, this is the club that you’ll use. The reason being that this club is going to help you to lift the ball out of the turf, while still retaining good distance, as well as better accuracy than with a driver.

  • Mid / short irons

These are the most versatile situations, so you’ll end up using them in various different situations with the goal of getting the ball onto the green. And when we’re talking numbers, for your first beginner set it’s probably best to go with 6, 7, 8, and 9. Basically, the higher the number gets, the easier it will be for you to loft the ball into the air.

How to choose your golf clubs

And the more you play, the more you’ll get the hang of which irons suit you best in which situation, hence making you able to differentiate when to use which number. And after a certain amount of time, when you feel like you have improved enough, you can start adding the lower numbers in your collection.

  • Pitching wedge

When you are in a situation that you need an approach shot close to the green, pitching wedge is your club since you can use it to get under the ball and loft it high up.

  • Sand wedge

There are instances when you go through challenging terrain during a game of golf. This can happen when you get your ball in the sand bunker while playing. If you use any other club and you are a beginner, you’ll probably just end up digging and getting stuck. On the other hand, the sand wedge is designed so that it helps you swing through the top layer of sand.

  • Putter

Okay, so you’re finally on the green, and now it’s time to get the ball into the hole! This is when you’re going to use your putter. It has a flat face, and that is what makes it a lot easier to hit the ball in a straight line.

Now that we have covered the basics, it’s time to hit the field and practice! Golf is an amazing sport, and even you end up getting frustrated in the beginning, remember, every time you swing, you’ll learn something new. Don’t give up, and you’ll get there!

Check out this handy infographic from on the primary equipment used in golf!

Equipment Used to Play Golf

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