Golf Equipment for Beginners


If you have already taken your first golf lessons and made sure that you intend to continue training, then it makes sense to think about purchasing the first set of your own clubs.

Choosing the best driver for beginners is different from clubs for advanced players. They are easier to beat, they “forgive” more mistakes, and the composition of the set for the advanced player is different from the composition of the set for beginners. Also,  you can check out these taylormade drivers and find out how these would change the golf industry forever!

There is a widespread misconception that golf clubs should be bought “for the growth of skill.” However, the truth is that too “complex” clubs will, on the contrary, slow down progress and prevent a novice golfer from improving his technique.

Often, “advanced” clubs can trigger the emergence of “incurable” technical problems that will affect your athletic performance for many years.

If you are still not sure whether golf will become a real passion for you, then the first set may belong to the budget category. Here the brand’s reputation is important in creating kits for beginners, since not all budget kits are equally good.

Golf East offers in this category pre-packaged sets from the British brand TOMMY ARMOR. The creator of the brand, the legendary Tommy “Silver Scott” Armor – “The Silver Scot”, an outstanding player, a winner of the majors, engineer, poet and enthusiast Tommy Armor historically was engaged in the development of not only kits for beginners, but in the 2000s this category became the most important for the company . In the range of 20-25 thousand rubles you get a fully equipped set of clubs, including:

  • titanium driver, 12 degrees;

  • Wood No. 5;

  • hybrids No. 4 and No. 5;

  • set of irons SW, PW-5i;

  • Putter;

  • Wearable bag (stand bag).

If you are looking to purchase a starter kit from first-tier brands, then you should pay attention to models from the CLEVELAND or ADAMS GOLF brands. True, in this case, a set of similar configuration will cost 60–80 thousand rubles.

Seek advice from one of the specialists in our golf stores, and he will help you understand the variety of models of clubs and make the right set of golf clubs that is optimal in terms of price, quality and level.

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