Golfing Tips and Tricks for a Better Swing

Golfers are always trying to find ways to improve their game. Anything they can do to hit the tougher shots and shave a few strokes off of their game is seen as a benefit. They constantly work on improving their mental and physical discipline on the links.

Having the right equipment is also essential. Many golfers insist on only the best clubs, golf balls, tees and other related equipment. There are new product reviews that come out every year that avid golfers pore over. You can read about the 16 best golf irons in 2019 and other products and accessories online. You can also talk to the experts at your local sporting goods store or pro shop to get some additional insight.

Here are a few simple golfing tips and tricks for a better swing:

1. Slow things down

One of the things you want as a golfer is a smooth tempo. You don’t need to rush things, even if people are waiting impatiently behind you to play through. Practice your tempo until you find what works best for you. Finding the right tempo helps you shift your weight appropriately so that you’re swinging with maximum power every time.

2. Find balance

Balance is very important for your swing. If you move forward with your toes or backwards with your heels as you swing, your body is not in sync. Your body, hands or legs will usually try to find some way to compensate so that you can make good contact with the ball. Take some time to stand on a foam log and practice your swing. This can be difficult, but it’s a good way of finding your balance. Once you’ve found your balance, you can take that approach to your swing during your round.

3. Keep your hands low

Keeping your hands low on the club will reduce the height of your shots. You don’t always have to drive your ball for the farthest distance. You just need accuracy. Lowering your hands on your golf club as you swing reduces the trajectory and improves your follow through as well.

4. Try the box drill to eliminate your slice

If you find yourself slicing the ball routinely during your game, try the box drill. This is done by using the top half of a small box of golf balls and putting it on its side. Line up the box so that it’s parallel to your target line. Practice your swing. You want a swing that lets the shaft of your club to just go over the box without hitting it. Once you’ve practiced this enough, you’re ready to apply this tactic to your game.

These are just some common ways to reduce flaws and improve your golf swing. There are other mechanical fixes depending on different issues that you may have. You may want to practice with an instructor or videotape your swing to examine potential problem issues. A golf swing trainer can help correct many swing problems you may be having, but once you’ve found a corrective action that works, practice it for a while until it feels comfortable. Most swing issues can be easily fixed. Taking the time to correct flaws makes for a better, more enjoyable day on the golf course.