Goose Deterrent: A Beginners Guide to Getting Rid of Goose


Over the last few decades, unpleasant interaction between geese and humans has increased. Many Canadian geese have been known to be aggressive against humans since their nests are sometimes close to people and thus, so are their children. In order to protect their children, geese tend to be more aggressive, and this has caused many people to look into ways of getting rid of geese humanly. One of the most common goose deterrents is known as sound goose deterrent, and it plays loud predator calls that cause the geese to flee the area.

Different Ways to Get Rid of Geese

Install a Light House

There are special lights used to repel geese and are commonly called geese repelling lighthouses. This device is similar to strobe lights but has been made specifically for geese; thus, giving better results.

The majority of the models for this device can be installed straight into the ground. Most often, this type of device has stakes installed on them which make it harder for the geese repelling lighthouse to be removed from the ground. 

The device usually comes with solar-powered light in it, and it is extremely powerful. The lights flash on a regular basis, which makes it difficult for the geese on the property to get any sleep. Due to lack of sleep, the geese on the property will try to relocate since this animal does not like getting its sleep disturbed either. The device will not make the geese leave the property instantly. It might take a few days; thus, patience is required.

Place Geese Predator Decoys to Scare Them

One of the greatest geese deterrents is the one that is not expensive and does not cause health problems for other animals. There are many geese predators in the wild, and if you buy a decoy that looks just like them, then the goose will avoid your area.

A goose deterrent that is similar to a fake alligator head, a fake dog, or even a coyote is the best option to get rid of Florida and Canadian geese since they are most threatened by these three animals.

Another option is to place a geese repellent that looks like a dead plastic goose. This won’t be a goose predator, but it would keep the geese away from your area as the bird will sense that it is in danger if it stays too long in your area.

Swans are also known to attack geese; thus, keeping a pair of swans to live in your pond or even using fake bodies in the water can help get rid of Canadian geese. This type of fake floating animal comes with anchors that keep the plastic bird in one place, so you don’t have to worry about it floating far away.

Use Motion Activated Sprinkles

Although geese enjoy being around water bodies such as lakes and ponds, they still do not enjoy being randomly splashed with water at any given moment. Thus, you can install motion-activated sprinklers, which will cause them to run away from the location.

This type of sprinkler is ecofriendly, safe for everyone, and does not use any chemicals. Another advantage you can take from these sprinklers is that if you install them close to your plants, they get watered automatically.

The sprinkler can work up to six months and cover up to twelve hundred square feet; if you wish to get more coverage, then you can do it by installing more motion activated sprinklers.

Intimidate the Geese with Distress Calls

You can intimidate geese by using a bird noisemaker. This type of device emits sounds that can scare away Canadian geese or even other animals. You can buy different models of this device; some emit geese distress calls while others emit ultrasounds.

The bird noisemaker is also known as a sonic repellent, which can be more effective in displacing the geese if it is kept activated all times. This device may be a temporary solution, but it gets the job done.

Restrict the Geese’s Access to Water

Geese are fond of water, and to get them away from your property, you will need to use their fondness of water against them. Setting up barriers around the body of water that surrounds your property can make geese less likely to make a home in your area. They tend to spend less time in areas where a body of water is not present.

Geese also tend to hate tall plants, so planning some tall shrubs around the lake or pond near your area will be helpful. Basically, any plant that is up to two feet tall will make the geese run away from your area.

Keep a Pet Dog

Dogs are a great way for you to keep geese off of your property. There are three types of dogs that are ideal for this job, and these include Border Collie, Australian Cattle Dog, and German Shepherds.

The Border Collie is known to be a natural predator against Canadian geese. Not only do they scare off the geese, but they also prevent them from ever returning to the property. This is because this type of dog doesn’t chase them for fun, such as a Beagle would do.

German Shepherds are smart and can be trained to help you get rid of geese from your property. They follow instructions without having to put in much effort. This type of dog is also brave and can stand up to any goose even if it tries to threaten them.

Australian Cattle Dogs are persistent and will not stop going after the geese on your property until they have left. This breed also has a lot of stamina, which means it can spend the whole day chasing away the geese.


Geese are smart animals; they cannot be trained like dogs and kept as pets. But they are capable of understanding their surroundings. Thus, if you wish to get rid of them, then placing natural predators’ replicas on your property is a better option than using noise devices as eventually, they will lose the fear of such devices.

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