Gordon Ramsay To Launch his Own Online Casino Games

Gordon Ramsay’s passion for cooking developed from an early age. Today he is a celebrity chef and among the top 50 highest-earning celebrities in the world. He has a number of restaurants where you can enjoy some of the best dishes money can buy. There are recent reports that Ramsay is also entering the world of gambling.

Why is Gordon Ramsay famous?

He became popular due to his striking personality when appearing on many popular TV shows. His career really took off when the American versions of Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares were launched. This allowed him to reach a much broader audience and today Gordon Ramsay is a world-renowned chef, who is not ashamed to speak his mind. He’s a perfectionist who wants to serve the best dishes possible. If the people working for him in the kitchen are not up to his standards, they will surely face the full wrath: fierce comments, insults and gags abound. This made him perfect for Internet memes, which helped spread his popularity further.

Gordon Ramsay applies for gambling trademark

European Gaming recently ran a report that Gordon Ramsay is about to enter the online gambling business. He has filed for a trademark with the UK Intellectual Property Office for computer programs for playing casino, gambling and betting games.

It seems that his games will be inspired by his popular show Hell’s Kitchen. There are even rumours that Ramsay will open up his very own online slots casino and that the games will be powered by his very own software provider. We’re still not 100% sure that this is all true, but if it is it will be interesting to see where this leads. His celebrity status will surely attract a big number of players to the games and it will be fun to see what the end result will be.

Why is a celebrity chef interested in making casino slots?

Gordon Ramsay is no stranger to the gambling world. He already owns 5 fantastic restaurants on the Vegas strip, why not 5 best casinos? Maybe by being so close to them, he thought Hell’s Kitchen series of slot games and online casinos would be a good addition to his brand.

One of the restaurants is in front of Caesars Palace and is inspired and named after Hell’s Kitchen. Customers in his restaurants can enjoy exquisite meals and after the meal, they can visit the nearby casinos for a show or play the casino games. There’s also another talk of expansion of his restaurant group on US soil. Ramsay is planning to open up 100 burger restaurants across the country. We all know how popular burgers are across the US, so finding customers surely won’t be a problem. Since online gambling in the US is also popular albeit restricted, we are eager to see how this all turns out.