Grow Your Dispensary Business With Cova Software

The recreational cannabis industry isn’t what it used to be in the past. With more states legalizing the use of marijuana, the industry has become a thriving one. Societal acceptance of the use of marijuana is also on the increase, which makes a case for increased sales.

With the increase in sales and marijuana acceptance, marijuana dispensaries need to better manage their sales and customer satisfaction, which calls for a POS System. Selecting the right cannabis POS system can change the face of a cannabis business, increase sales, improve inventory management, and boost sales.

Find out how The Artist Tree Dispensary is taking advantage of canna-tech, especially the use of Cova software to its advantage.

What Is Cannabis Retail POS Software?

Cannabis retail POS software is a technological advancement that brings simplicity and seamlessness to the way goods and services are exchanged for money in the cannabis industry. As a rapidly growing industry, the cannabis industry has several high potentials that can be actualized through specific retail POS solutions.

The cannabis retail POS software, Cova, adds the benefits of a regular POS software solution to additional features that are specifically developed for dispensaries. With this software solution, cannabis dispensaries can now securely manage their customers’ records while maintaining compliance with local and federal laws.

Similar to the regular POS solution, the cannabis POS software can be integrated with existing structures and hardware like receipt printers, barcode scanners, card readers, and others to better serve customers. Businesses can also enjoy real-time inventory updates and management solutions to track their cannabis shelves and products.

Key Benefits Of Using Cannabis Retail POS Software

  • Cannabis dispensary owners enjoy retail POS software that caters to the specific challenges facing cannabis dispensaries and the cannabis industry.
  • Access to real-time inventory updates to aid inventory management.
  • Easy hardware integration.
  • Improves cannabis dispensary’s compliance with state and federal cannabis laws.
  • Ability to gather detailed information about each customer and their buying habits.

What Is Cova Software?

Cova is a POS software designed for the cannabis industry. The cannabis retail POS software solution is designed to help cannabis dispensaries run efficiently and meet customers’ needs through operation automation. The POS software offers many advantages, including product information detailing, inventory tracking, and more. Cova belongs to iQmetrix, a parent company with more than 20,000 stores.

The software solution offers an engaging platform both for dispensaries and customers. Shoppers can take advantage of its educational tools while seamlessly navigating the POS system.

Features Of The Cova POS Software

Cova offers a wide range of features to dispensaries and their customers. Some of these features include:

  • Facilitates quick transactions
  • Age verification scanner
  • Security roles and permissions
  • Purchase limit alerting
  • Customer queue
  • Hours of operation compliance
  • Advanced inventory reporting
  • Centralized intelligence hub
  • Plug and play hardware integrations
  • Cannabis touch-screen menus
  • Unrivaled support team
  • Detailed reporting
  • Prevents internal theft and fraud
  • Insights on the go for users
  • One-clock reporting for Canadian compliance
  • 3-step onboarding process
  • Automated discounting
  • Offline mode
  • Statewide traceability integration

Advantages Of Using Cova

Compliance Reporting

Amid the strict laws and regulations guiding cannabis dispensaries, there is a need for a system that ensures compliance. Cova offers cannabis dispensary owners the ease of mind they need to run their business while safely navigating the changing rules and regulations guiding the cannabis industry.

For example, the Cannabis retail POS software features an age verification scanner that ensures that customers meet the minimum age requirement allowed by the state wherein the purchase is made. The feature scans customer IDs, registers and checks them for compliance. This can help dispensaries avoid major issues of selling to underaged persons. The POS system also offers purchase limit alerts to keep dispensaries in line.

Retail-Specific Features

Cova software is known to focus more on the issues particular to the cannabis industry and dispensaries. This means that dispensaries will have access to solutions that specifically address the common day-to-day problems they experience. One of the more common problems that Cova address is inventory management for cannabis dispensaries. With this solution, dispensaries can keep their online menus updated and satisfy their customers by not running out of stock. The POS solution is also flexible and can work with existing hardware to improve the overall business experience for customers.

Customer Management

Cova is focused on helping marijuana dispensaries keep their customers happy by being agile and easy to use. Both dispensary staff and customers will enjoy a simple and user-friendly interface and a unique queuing system. With the queuing system, marijuana dispensaries won’t have to go through the hassles of taking numbers or managing a long list of customers waiting to be attended to.

Cova POS software is designed to cover all of your POS needs while delivering specific solutions to your cannabis business. Improve customer satisfaction, drive more sales, and boost inventory management with this software solution.