Guide For Classic Car Transportation And Shipping


Buying your dream car doesn’t stop at successfully executing the payment transaction alone. Neither does selling it off. If the vehicle is required abroad, you need an expert to help with its transportation.

Exotic vehicles’ shipment is not as easy compared to other cargos. They require much care and attention to keep in their pristine states. Since you didn’t get them at mere cash, you’ll want safety-guaranteed conditions for delivery.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the buyer or the seller. What does is that you understand the transportation processes of antique vehicles. Shipping companies have streamlined guides for this category of cars.

Before we delve into the tips, it’s crucial to know  the available car shipping methods. There are two primary alternatives. These options are often based on the level of protection they offer your automobile during its voyage.

Open Auto Transport

This is a popular means of transport for cars generally. While it offers lesser cost, it might falter in assuring safety. It involves lining cars in an open trailer and strapping them in position. This implies that your vehicle is more predisposed to scratches, dents, dirt, and even theft.

Up to a dozen cars can be transported simultaneously, depending on trailer size. Even though it might be best for a regular car, it’s not for an extra classic.

Enclosed Auto Transport

Here is the luxury car preference. It uses confined containers for high-value vehicles’ safekeeping. And that helps to deflect bad susceptibilities in the open transportation method. Regardless of intra- and inter-transfer, whether within a ship, ship to ship, or sea to land, your car remains sparkling. However, these unique benefits are more pronounced by the exponential costs.

5 Tips For Shipping Your Classic Car

Keep the following in mind when applying for a classic car shipment.

1. Run a background check on the company

You certainly don’t want to entrust your vehicle into the hands of a random carrier. Check reviews for the most reputable ones. Also, confirm if the one you’ve chosen is equipped enough for the task.

2. Make an early decision on your desired service

There are many options to choose from heeding to transportation and delivery modes. Do you want door-to-door shipping or the terminal-to-terminal type? With reference to the nature of your freight and your budget, make this decision early.

3. Consider price but don’t be distracted by it

Sometimes, prices can be hindrances to getting quality services. For example, enclosed transport methods are best for exotic cars. However, the cost is on the high side. Don’t be fazed by this. Always note that if it’s quality, it’s worth the price.

4. Be informed about insurance

Should there be an incident, what does insurance cover? This is a question you should ask the transport company. Be clear on the extent of maintenance their insurance policy provides during shipping. Furthermore, keep a copy of the transportation contract containing these agreements.

5. Be available during shipment and after delivery

Not minding the long spans of shipment, you must be accessible. Keep in touch with the company for periodic updates. Inform them of preferred drop-off locations. On delivery, inspect your car to be sure it’s in perfect condition.


Ferry options for a classic car are essential considerations before shipment. Similarly, you should readily be in the picture throughout the process. Avoid merchants and communicate with carriers directly.

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