Guide on How to Be First to Buy Supreme Stuff


Have shopping bots grabbed your attention and you are wondering what are the best bots for Supreme sneakers? It is true that in the post-pandemic world internet shopping has become more popular than ever.

You probably heard the horror stories about the colossal queues in front of physical Supreme shops or the strange-numb-inducing tactics people use to cop a single item from the online shop. You also can find a bunch of articles and forum topics detailing how to differentiate between an original and fake Supreme item.

The bottom line is, that while Supreme stuff is extremely desired, it is also extremely hard to get your hands on it. In order to avoid scammers, fake stuff, or chaos on the release day in the physical shop, the fashion community has been searching and using the best bots for successful Supreme stuff copping.

Even if you are not interested in reselling, the Supreme brand is so in demand, that it is worth considering what are the best bots for copping. While the older and more popular best bots for Supreme are well documented in the community, we will review a few less known yet still promising players in the industry.

Going Global: Supreme Slayer Bot

While the Supreme Slayer bot may sound spooky, at the moment it’s considered one of the best bots. They specialize definitively in Supreme online shops, a feature that gives them the edge in the contemporary market. Their ambition to operate within the United States, Europe, and Japan truly makes them one of the best bots for Supreme.

Pricing: one-time payment from $149 for a starter pack and up to $549 for the ultimate version.

Supreme Slayer Bot Features:

  • Automatic scheduler.
  • CAPTCHAs bypass.
  • Preferred keyword function.
  • Option to multithread.
  • 24/7 support.
  • And others.

Definitely a worthy candidate for the title of the best bot for Supreme stuff. You can check their Twitter page for the latest upgrades and info as well!

Faster Than Lightning: F3ather Bot

The developers from the F3ather bot are confident. Their official motto is that F3ather is the fastest, most user-friendly bot ever created. When keeping in mind that for copping Supreme speed is the most important variable, it would consequently make them the best bot for the site.

We would take that statement with a grain of salt as we haven’t encountered developers who would hesitate to say that they have the fastest bot. While keeping that in mind, however, looking at all the features F3ather bot provides, it still is a candidate that can be considered one of the best bots for Supreme.

Pricing: One-time payment of $200. After that, $100 for renewals.

F3ather Bot Features:

  • Simple installation.
  • Unlimited tasks.
  • Friendly UI.
  • Restock monitor.
  • Private Discord cook group.
  • And others.

However, we did find a small drawback for the F3ather bot. It looks like they limited their social communication exclusively to emails and private Discord groups, which makes it hard to follow the latest user reviews or success stories. Despite that, the F3ather bot still has the potential to become the future’s best bot for Supreme.

Cheap Yet Great Yet Succesful: SuperCop Bot

One of the cheapest bots we ever saw that managed to bring more than 100K items for its users. Too good to be true? We would also think so, but the huge amount of positive reviews and user feedback convinced us.

The SuperCop Supreme bot has a helpful YouTube channel where detailed instruction videos are uploaded that makes it easier for the user to start copping that long-desired Supreme stuff. Additionally, it has all the features you need to cop some Supreme sneakers.

Pricing: One-time payment of $29.99; Seasonal updates are $15.

SuperCop Bot Features:

  • Purchase timer.
  • Autofill
  • Compatible with Windows/MAC/LINUX.
  • Multiple keyword finder.
  • Constant anti-bot measure update.
  • And others.

There is one drawback to the SuperCop Supreme bot that you should consider – they operate only within the New York Supreme shop. While specialization usually does give a slight edge over other products and the competition, for some of you it can be considered a disadvantage too big to consider acquiring the SuperCop Supreme bot.

But remembering that the New York shop is one the biggest Supreme shops in the world and the huge amount of releases done every season, it should still motivate you to keep your eyes on the SuperCop Bot. And if the Supreme shop in New York was always your target, SuperCop Bot can definitely become one of the best bots for copping Supreme stuff.


Here we showed you the less known, but still powerful and very promising best bots for Supreme. Remember, that you should always do your own research and consider your goals and preferences before investing your time and money in bots for Supreme. As it looks like the Supreme brand is not going to leave the high-demand zone in the near future, copping stuff with the help of the best bots for Supreme is one definite way to get some piece of the action.


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