Guide to Buying Commercial Refrigeration – Bar & Retail Coolers


If you take a closer look at some of the refrigerators used at stores and restaurants, you will notice that these differ from each other to some extent. Some are designed to store food items, some are meant for storage of liquids, and some are meant for storing raw materials.

If you are planning to buy a commercial refrigerator (, you will have to choose one which is aptly suited for your type of business. You certainly cannot opt for a commercial refrigerator meant to store bottled soft drinks in a restaurant kitchen. It is better to compare a few good models and then choose the right one, which will fulfil your need and also fit within your budget. Also, you can choose commercial undercounter fridges that help to prevent your food and stay cool for a long duration.

Types of Commercial Refrigerators

There are various types of commercial refrigerators in the market. Choosing the right one takes time and careful considerations of several factors. It will also be a good idea to gain some knowledge about the various types of commercial refrigerators at stores. Here are some of the various types discussed for your benefit. Be sure to check out Ian Boer Refrigeration to learn more about commercial refrigeration.

  • Reach-In Refrigerators: These types of refrigerators are used to keep items cool and easily accessible within arm’s reach. A reach-in refrigerator happens to be one of the most common types of commercial refrigerators in this modern era. They come in a variety of size ranges from 26 inches to 87 inches wide. These types of freezers also come with a wide array of accessories to help these refrigerators cool most types of food products. A reach-in refrigerator is mostly used in a kitchen or at the back of a store
  • Merchandiser Refrigerators: Although these are quite similar to reach-in refrigerators, the primary purpose of these freezers is to make food items available for the public. These are designed to keep jugs and bottles stable. These types of refrigerators are kept at a store front or even right behind a front desk operation.
  • Undercounter Refrigerators: These types of freezers are designed to store small quantities of food items and the primary purpose of it is also quite similar to that of a reach-in refrigerator. These types of freezers are not designed to showcase food items. As the name suggests, undercounter refrigerators can be kept at tight spots and are easily accessible for restaurant staffs.
  • Worktops: These types of commercial refrigerators allow you to make food and also store various ingredients for the food item you wish to prepare. These are designed to be at a comfortable working height and also come in different forms. You can easily put your cutting boards, storage hoods, and pans inside and you also get an option of swing doors and drawers for bottom storage. These types of commercial refrigerators are kept in the middle of a kitchen or on or near the front counter operation.
  • Walk-In Refrigerators: These are available in both refrigeration and freezer types. These are designed to help you store large amount of food products on directly accessible shelving. These types of refrigerators are directly accessed by restaurant staffs and are normally kept in store-backs, mass storage facilities, and in back-house operations.
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