Guide To Buying Old School RuneScape Gold Online

With over 100,000 players online at any given moment, RuneScape is still considered by most as one of the most popular MMORPGs today. And if you’re new to the game, you might be wondering how can you do more exciting missions and OSRS quests fast.

The easiest way to achieve this is by simply buying RuneScape gold online. For an Old School RuneScape beginner, having a decent amount of gold to level up your character can take hundreds of hours of playing time. This includes doing the same boring tasks multiple times just to get more OSRS gold. And let’s be honest, not every one of us has the time to do so, some have their work or their families to worry about.

So if you’re already decided on buying your gold online, what are the factors you should look out for? But before finding out the answers to these questions, check out first how you can buy wow tbc gold from a reputable source online. 

Company History

When it comes to choosing the best RS gold website to deal with, it is important that you’re able to identify them as a trusted seller. Doing so can save you from a lot of stress and in some cases, losing your money for nothing.

A trusted RS gold site can be easily identified by its support team and its experience in the industry. A company that will deliver your gold in a short time is a good indicator of them being a good site to buy gold from.

Their overall experience in catering to RS players is also a factor you should look into. Dealing with companies that have been helping players for over 5 years is a huge plus since this means they are trusted by your fellow players as well. Probemas is a RuneScape gold site that first comes to our minds since they’ve been in business since 2013.

Having an experienced seller can also have a huge impact on keeping your account safe from being penalized by Jagex. A good RS gold site should know the ins and outs of selling OSRS gold and prevent their customers from being banned when they deal with them.

Check The Price

Choosing a company that sells its gold for the cheapest price shouldn’t be your first priority in this case. The security and safety of your account should be your top priority since creating a new account every time can take out the fun for this wonderful game.

Many gold selling websites will do their best to showcase their products and services, and this includes manipulating their prices. The best way to prove that you should trust them with your money is by checking out the reviews from their past customers.  

This brings us to the next thing you should look out for…

Watch Out For Scammers

When it comes to buying runescape gold, scammers are almost everywhere. Opportunistic people will do everything they can to entice you to buy gold from them but they won’t deliver it to you.  Numerous fake websites are popping out and they pretend to be trustworthy by creating similar sites similar to those established brands in the business, they will act like they are buying gold or selling gold normally, but they are professional scammers.

And the only way to avoid them is by doing your due diligence. You should check the site’s history and verify the customers’ reviews they’ve received. Some companies fake the reviews that they are getting, so it is best to only trust those that they’ve received from trusted third-party review companies like Trustpilot or

Final Thoughts

Achieve your RuneScape goals through the help of RS gold selling companies and start doing more enjoyable things in Gielinor like slaying monsters, staking against fellow players, or getting your own skill cape.

Thousands of players have already bought a good amount of their OSRS gold supply online, it would be best for you if you can ask at least one of them where they got their gold from.

The whole process of acquiring gold outside of RuneScape should not be that difficult once you find a company you can trust.