Guide to Fast Food and Marihuana Pairing

What would be the name of a person dedicated to pairing food and pot? A fummelier? Regardless, a road of fast food and marihuana pairing is a very interesting one both on the anthropological and the biological side. Not to mention that experimentation is very fun.

And, even though for some settling the munchies can be done by virtually anything, at least trying to enjoy life to the best of your abilities should be the goal. When it comes to cannabis, there isn’t a more obvious choice than fast food.

But, before you start, there are some precautions:

  1. Make sure that the strain of cannabis you are using has a good effect on you
  2. Try to use foods with low amounts of corn syrup and artificial sweeteners
  3. Do everything in moderation

The last part is probably the most important as overdoing it will make everything taste and feel bland, which is the opposite of your goal. You want a complete experience and not to end up bloated and confused.

Also, this isn’t a way to treat medical issues. There are a lot of medicinal marihuana uses, but that point becomes mute the moment you take a slice of pizza with it.

Health and Dieting Precautions

Peanut butter and jelly is one of the best combinations of food ever. Still, if you are allergic to peanuts, that doesn’t mean anything to you and you should avoid it at all costs. The same goes for this list.

Thankfully, it is always possible to find similar tasting strains of cannabis and alternative fast food that will satisfy your palate without attacking the rest of your body.

Here, you should always make sure that the concentration of CBD and THC in the pot, as well as what is in the food, is something your body and mind alike. You don’t want yourself tripping over snacks either literally or figuratively.

You don’t want to use a CBD schizophrenia dosage at a place where you want to have fun.

Combines with MSG

Monosodium glutamate, or MSG, is an ingredient and a common food additive that provides food with the recognizable savorish umami flavor. This flavor instructs our minds that this food is good and that we should eat more of it.

What is important is that we choose foods that have a natural source of MSG and not just the powder added, which is the case with a lot of big fast food places. Missing this will make you happy short term, but will make all other foods seem to lose taste.

Thankfully, there are natural sources that you can use to enhance flavors, especially if you are making the food yourself. A simple side serving of kombu algae would compensate for the MSG and make everything else taste better. Not to mention that you can eat it like chips.

Ice Cream Cake and BBQ

Ice Cream Cake is a relatively new hybrid strain but has become an instant hit, no pun intended, around the Pacific Coast of the US and further. It has a mellow flavor very reminiscent of sourdough bread with butter and that is exactly what informs our good pairing.

BBQ, and especially pork belly and ribs, go wonderfully with this strain.

On the taste side, the flavors mix and push your mouth from salty to sweet, especially if your BBQ is seasoned as it should be or properly smoked.

But, the mental side is where the real fun is. The energy from the meat will constantly try to fight the mellow from the weed. Because of this, you will get that perfect feeling where your mind is rested but your body is tired, like from an excellent training session.

Sour Diesel and Pizza

Depending on how much Sour Diesel you take, you might feel either like a Ninja Turtle, or just a turtle. Still, this mixture is a match made in heaven, especially with some more spicy pizza options like the Siciliana or the Quarto Carne (meat-lovers pizza).

Sour Diesel is, as the name suggests, slightly sour and it gives more of a buzz than a mellow due to a relatively high THC concentration.

In total, the experience has a very ‘’Newyork-ish’’ vibe, even though you are more likely to experience the two in LA.

Blue Dream and Cheesesteak

Blue Dream is a very natural taste of fruit, even if smoked directly. But, because of the very high buzz and virtually no CBD in the strain, you will need your stomach to provide the mellowing counter-effect.

A good Philly cheesesteak is the best option here as the blueberry taste of the hybrid will cut through the cheese and the meat with a distinct flavor that will stay on your tongue while you eat. It is an interesting experience, and even though it is probably not for everyone it is a perfect mix of taste and reaction.