Guide to Finding the Best q for Jeans and Denim


Jeans and denim has been one of the most demanding and fast-selling materials these days. It has created a history in fashion for being the top sold ones and people of all generation and gender loves how denim makes the overall experience cool – David Bowie even sang about a girl named Blue Jean. This is one reason why most of the people who love sewing their outfit plan to stitch the jeans and denim all on their own. 

Denim is not just restricted to jeans material, but for fancy bags, shirts, tops, kurtas and in fact shrugs. Buying one from an online store or a shopping mall costs a lot of bucks, especially if the material is original. Thus, a sewing machine can help one get a perfect size, the shape of jeans and denim with designs on it. 

If you are searching for a machine, you may be wondering what to look for in the sewing machine. Not all machines hold the capacity and the strength to deal with rough materials like denim. Some machine stops working and some doesn’t let the denim cloth stay rigid on it. This is the reason your old sewing machine won’t be able to stitch a proper outfit. Here is a guide to buying the new sewing machine for jeans and denims

What to Look For In a Sewing Machine?

If you know you are good at stitching, deciding to choose denim as the next material seems to be a smart move. As not all machines can deal with thick material, thus there needs to be prior consideration before picking one. It is important to know that apart from strength there are other things to notice too.

1. Heavy duty

Well, of course, the price will be a major constrain of buying a heavy-duty one, but believe it or not. It is a one-time investment for you! You want a machine that lasts longer, that is durable; its run time is great and can deal with thick material like jeans and denim. 

Fabrics if it doesn’t work well with your machine, then your buying are a waste for sure. Once a heavy-duty machine is bought, you will not have to spend your money on it again any time soon. It will work and last longer than you think it could, which means you are sure to make a great collection of jeans and denim for years to come. 

2. Denim/Jeans Needle

We are talking about the needles that can go through the denim strongly. Usually, when you have a normal machine, there are very basic needles attached to it. It’s very tiny, slim and it is good for delicate fabrics. 

However, denim won’t let the simple needle stay longer, it will break the needle and this can create a big-time mess. Thus, a heavy-duty machine needs a big, thick and strong denim needle. When you buy online, you will have options for it. 

3. Good Motor Capacity

Metal frame interior and a robust motor, these are the 2 must-have features in your strong sewing machine. Jeans are not made up of material cotton of synthetic, they are rough and tough. 

Even if you pull the fabric with both your hands, you will be in pain but the fabric won’t tear apart. That’s the specialty of thick fabric and it calls for treating them with the right product.

A good capacity motor will be able to manage the thickness and strength. A simple sewing machine motor is limited not too strong, and it can lead to taking extra time and losing its life span. There are many layers in the denim fabric, which a good motor can be able to conquer.

4. Stich Length

Longer stitches work way better than normal small ones. You will never be happy with a small stitched fabric as it doesn’t give you good comfort. The stitches might pull out, tear and it can lead you to do to a double stitch again and again. 

You have to look for a machine that has a denim oriented variable stitch length. Selecting appropriate stitch length is always better, it leads you in making a smart decision without fail. 

5. Feature-Oriented

A high-pressure foot lifter is one feature that you can expect in your sewing machine. This is an add on feature that will make your sewing experience more comfortable and better. It will give you a proper seating position and comfort too. 

Along with that comes the zig-zag stitch option, which is another advancement in the sewing machine offered. It might cost you high but results are pretty impressive for you to decide to buy it any which ways. 

So, what are you waiting for? Convinced with the guide to find the best sewing machines for jeans & denim.

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