Guide to Gambling in Kentucky

There are several casinos in the USA that gamblers can visit to play a wide range of games, such as slots, poker, and roulette. Online gambling is also available for those who want to play casino games without going to a brick-and-mortar. However, there are still states with strict restrictions regarding gambling, whether on physical locations or online, and one of them is Kentucky.

Are casino games illegal in Kentucky?

There is no specific law that prevents online casinos in Kentucky. However, it does not allow gambling in general, except for horse race betting and the state lottery. Therefore, you will not find a land-based casino in the state. If you are staying in Kentucky and you wish to visit a local casino, you need to drive to the nearest state that allows it. Indiana is one of the closest states in Kentucky where you can find land-based casinos.

As mentioned, there is no existing law as of this writing that is directed to gambling online. However, in 2008, the state took legal action against internet gambling providers. It was the first state to have a lawsuit against these operators. As a result, some domain names related to gambling were seized.

Allowed gambling in Kentucky

While gambling is generally not allowed in the state, horse race betting is considered legal, although it is still highly restricted. The state takes control over finance and game regulations and employee licensing. They also control how horses enter the race. You need to be at least 18 years old to bet on horse races. Kentucky Derby is the most famous race track in the state, and it runs the entire year. Now, some machines look like slot machines that let you bet electronically.

The lottery is another form of gambling that this state allows and also controls. The purchase of lottery tickets online is now available. Gambling for charitable causes is permitted, including raffles, bingo, and scratch-off tickets. However, other forms of gambling are still now allowed, even if it’s for charity, such as video machines, table games, and slot machines. Although live horse betting is generally legal, it is not allowed for charitable events.

Can you still play casino games in Kentucky?

You can still play casino games in Kentucky, especially since several overseas casinos accept players from different parts of the world, including the said state. The state of Kentucky does not regulate them, so they are not covered by its gambling restrictions. Moreover, it goes after online casino promoters and not the players. As of this writing, there are no known or recorded incidents of a player being reprimanded for gambling online. Regarding land-based casinos, you cannot play in the state since there are no brick-and-mortars there. You need to travel to other states that have them.

Kentucky may be strict when it comes to gambling, but there are still games that you can play legally, like horse race betting and lottery. You may also play online casinos from overseas providers that allow players from the state.

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