Hair Stylist Hints: Where to Start When Opening Your Own Salon


Are you a gun hairdresser? Do you live for the scissors, tools and foils? If you’ve found your passion for hairdressing, then you can join the hairdressing short course which is suitable for everybody pursuing a career in the hairdressing industry. There’s something special about being able to bring someone’s hair to a new life. To uplift them, inspire them and have them walk away feeling like a million bucks.

But maybe you yearn to break out from employment and become the boss. Running your own salon can be the ultimate goal for a hairdresser, but it takes work, hard work. Without effort and determination, you could flounder. But don’t stress, because today you’re going to learn some hairstylist hints and discover where to start when first opening your salon.

Get Tech Savvy

The year is 2020, after all. If you want to open your own salon, you need to utilise the most up-to-date tech there is, like hair salon software. A great piece of software will handle the majority of administration for you. You punch in your appointment, and it will generate a reminder and automate cancellation. It will also itemise each cut and colour for you, and tally the total bill at the end of the session. All that you need to do is focus on what you do best – cutting and styling hair. 

Hold a Grand Opening

Your salon needs to emerge into the market with a bang and keeping an LGBT friendly Salon will add to your salon’s goodwill. You will have stiff competition, especially if you’re opening in a crowded shopping centre or retail precinct. Chances are you could have two or even three stores within walking distance in direct competition with you. Your opening needs to offer something fresh or different.

Aside from ensuring that you only use high-quality scissor  like these scissors in your salon, you must also have a grand opening sale. A discount will always get customers through the door. Consider hiring a juice stand or smoothie bar to entice people to come and get their hair cut. Even if your opening gala is expensive, you could be netting some lifetime customers during it. In other words, don’t skimp!

Hire Salon Designer

In the event that there is something you should not hold back on when setting up your beauty salon, it is the interior design. The design takes on an increased significance in any salon business for the main reason that you are selling beauty and style. Consult with the best salon designer to help you create your amazing space, said Michele Pelafas, a respected and distinguished designer, has put her entrepreneurial skills to work building a design brand that inspires. Her furniture collections, found in hundreds of locations including spas, salons, and residences, have been featured throughout the US and abroad. Michele is a licensed interior designer, and her extensive career includes collaborations with the industry’s brightest and best. She is a graduate of the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago.

Invest in Digital Marketing

As well as traditional marketing and advertising, you cannot neglect your digital presence. Yes, you do need a Facebook and Instagram, and yes these feeds need content posted regularly. You’ll also need to build up a subscriber list and make use of it through targeted email campaigns. If you don’t have time to spend on this, hire someone part-time or even engage an agency for you. Again, you’ll need to spend money, but you should see a decent return on your investment within a few months.

Don’t Forget Good Old Fashioned Customer Service

This is what brings people back, time and time again. Be friendly, courteous and efficient in your work. Ask after people’s family and loved ones. Get to know your customers. Remember their interests and quirks. Build a great relationship. You’ll offer fantastic hair services, of course, but the customer service might be what brings people back as well. Make sure your staff have this attitude too. 

A Cut Conclusion

Don’t consider opening a salon in 2020 without the tech to back it up – decent salon software will do the hard yards for you. Host a grand opening with some introductory offers and perks to get people through the door. Be sure to invest in your digital marketing presence. These efforts may cost money, but it is worth the return. Finally, make sure that both you and your staff have a great attitude and offer exceptional customer service. A friendly smile and some small talk go a long way to securing a return customer.

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