Hairstyles That Trended in the 1990s


Like 1990s fashion, 1990s hairstyles are something that we either loved or wish we could forget. From a wide range of various ‘dos that ruled 1990s hairstyle, which of them should make a comeback to the new millennium? Is it Princess Diana’s regal short cut or the “Rachel” hair? Let this list below help you decide:

1. The “Rachel” Cut

rachel hairstyle

This is probably the most iconic 1990s hairstyle. As Friends rose in popularity, women became obsessed with the layered hairstyle that Jennifer Aniston’s character, Rachel. Ironically, Aniston hated this cut so much and quickly changed her hairstyle. Still, it seems almost impossible not to feel nostalgic over the famous haircut that launched a million haircuts.

2. The Regal Short Cut

princess diana

There is no doubt that the late Princess Diana was a trendsetter. She used this status to her advantage by wearing this famous short cut that inspired other women to chop their locks in this style.

3. The Spiked Pixie

The spiked pixie haircut lends a boyish, edgy, but somewhat elfin look. Stars like Winona Ryder and Halle Barry rocked this look so well. It is a great hairstyle for those who want to keep their hair short, slightly tousled but still assembled.

4. Box Braids

janet jackson poetic justice

Janet Jackson first rocked this look in her starring role in the 1993 film Poetic Justice. Since then, many women have wanted to wear their hair in long box braids. This is one of the 1990s hairdos that never go out of fashion.

5. Feathered Bangs

1990s hairstyle won’t be complete without the notorious feathered bangs. Hairspray is your friend with this hairstyle, which was obviously oblivious to the ozone layer.

6. Microbraids

brandy norwood

Stars like Janet Jackson and Brandy enjoyed their braids so much. But while Jackson loved her big braids, Brandy sported extremely tiny braids that will remain a quintessential part of her overall style. And we might say that these braids are a fantastic way to embrace your natural hair.

7. The Messy Bun

messy bun

Deliberately messy hairstyles seemed to rule during the 1990s, but the messy bun was the most popular. It looks like this hairstyle is not done, but it actually is done. If you want to catch this look, be careful – it will damage your strands once you find yourself doing it regularly.

8. The Wispy Updo

Another ‘do that defined the 1990s hairstyle is the wispy updo which consists of semi-cornrows, loose layers, and butterfly clips at the ends. Alicia Silverstone, who shot to fame in the movie Clueless, was the first celebrity to rock this look.

9. The Crimped Hair

crimped hair

The crimped hairstyle trend started in the 1980s and continued into the 1990s. You may have loved this hairstyle when it used to be popular, but now you will probably regret it. But at least, having crimped hair is an indication that you really lived through the 1990s.

10. The Blunt Cut


straight haircut

Towards the end of the decade, the Blunt Cut was one of the last 1990s hairstyles to make waves since Britney Spears first sported it. She was so beautiful in that hairstyle, with the blunt ends stopping down to her shoulders.

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