Halloween Fun: How Should You Spend October 31?


If you don’t have anything planned for this Halloween, keep reading. We have some great ideas for some Halloween fun so that you can get planning today.

It’s incredible to think that a quarter of candy sold in the US each year is bought for Halloween. This is a time of year that many people look forward to and you might already be planning your Halloween activities. 

But, what are some Halloween fun ideas that you could do during the celebrations? As Halloween only comes around once a year you’ll be keen to get the most from this scary time.

While there are an almost unlimited number of things you can do at Halloween, we’re going to look at 4 great options for enjoying yourself during this period.

Let’s dive in and get some excellent ideas. 

Have Fun With Halloween Activities at Home

If you love Halloween you could start baking Halloween cookies and cakes before October 31st. It can also be great fun to decorate your home and create a costume that could scare your friends, or you could go with something that is less spooky and dress up as your favorite celebrity. 

There are also entertaining games to play such as dunking for apples or trying to name well-known Halloween tunes. 

Go Trick or Treating

If you’d like to get outside while having fun on Halloween you could go trick or treating. Lots of people look forward to having trick-or-treaters come to their door and dress up themselves to join in with the occasion. This can be a great way to meet and chat with neighbors you may only see in passing during the rest of the year. 

You could also end up collecting quite a lot of candy by the end of the night!

Look for Halloween Events In Your Area

If you search online or in local papers or magazines you could find there are Halloween balls or movie nights in your area. Or, there could be haunted house attractions that could test your nerve and be an enjoyable way to scare yourself at this time of year. 

Alternatively, you could organize your own events such as a Halloween BBQ or house party, and invite your friends and family for a night of hair-raising fun.

Camp Outside on Halloween

You could also enjoy celebrating Halloween while getting out in nature. Visiting a campsite or pitching a tent in your backyard are both superb options and being outside in the dark at this time of year can add an extra element of suspense. 

If allowed, you could even light a campfire and tell blood-curdling stories while toasting marshmallows for some extra fun. 

Choose Your Favorite Halloween Fun Ideas

Halloween can be a great time to get dressed up and have some scary fun. You could spend hours doing entertaining Halloween activities at home or meet your neighbors while trick or treating in your area. It can also be enjoyable to go to Halloween events and to spend a spooky night camping under the stars. 

There are so many Halloween fun ideas that you might not know which ones to do first! 

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