Have You Ever Really Thought About Your Neck?

There is a whimsical book of essays written by a woman who in the title essay,” I Feel Bad About My Neck”, bemoans how her sagging neck skin is giving away her age. The book is written in the spirit of poking fun at herself and her vanity. And no doubt, many women of her age have read it and chuckled as they wrapped a fashionable scarf around her neck. Perhaps you’re one of them. But if you consider the work your neck does day-in and day-out, you might give your neck a pass. Or perhaps, pun intended, you’ll give it a pat on the back. Why you may ask is that a pun? Because as you may well know, your neck, as a critical part of your spinal column, is part of your back.

About Your Neck

The Bones in Your Neck

Your neck is made up of seven bony structures known as vertebrae which technically start at the base of your skull and extend down to your thoracic spine, which in turn connects your ribs to your pelvis. But this is all about your neck, and how but seven small bony structures, your cervical vertebrae, hold up your skull which, believe it or not, weighs about 11 lbs. That’s when you’re standing or sitting up straight. But look down to respond to a text and it feels like 27 pounds, and should you be engrossed in a video on your mobile device, the resulting angle can make your neck feel like it’s holding up 60 lbs. In the medical world, this is also known as having the tech neck and its consequences are more severe than you might think. So no, your smartphone is not your friend, not as far as your neck is concerned anyway.

 The Muscles in Your Neck

And then there are the muscles within your neck. Those along the back of the vertebrae give your neck its shape. Others have a farther reach, supporting your arms and moving your shoulder blades. Those in the front, extending from the jaw, over your collar bone, and ending at the jaw, are the ones responsible for moving it up and down when you open and close your mouth. They are also responsible for those sagging muscles bemoaned in that book. For in so doing, they lower the face which in time, causes those blasted wrinkles and sagging skin.

Pity Your Poor Skin

Your skin, that covers your neck like the skin on your face, is subject to damaging forces from the moment you rise in the morning to the time you retire at night. The more time you spend outdoors, the more potential damage and the greater the environmental attack. There’s also air pollution, UV rays from the sun, free radicals, and even noxious gases. So is it any wonder that after a while, the sight of your neck can make you feel bad?

What Can You Do

All the big names in beauty care are stepping up with products that offer pollutant protection as well as sunscreen and vitamins. So you can give them a try in addition to a regular skin cleansing routine and faithful application of sunscreen whenever you venture out — winter, spring, summer, or fall. Speaking of vitamins, in addition to making sure your diet has the right mix of proteins, fiber, and healthy fats, you can also take supplements like vitamins C, E, A, along with zinc and selenium, all of which contribute to better-looking, better-feeling, and more supple skin.

And when you do go out, neckwear fashion can do double duty, serving to add flair to your look as well as serving as a protective barrier from that ubiquitous environmental attack. From winter heavy woolen scarves to keep your neck warm to lightweight colorful scarves that you can pair with your summer tank tops and wear literally in dozens of ways according to your knot tying and wrapping skills. And then there are multifunctional neck tube bandanas for women that come in as many eye-popping colors and prints yet require no skills other than slipping them over your head, 

So whether you give your neck some tender loving care from the inside out or the outside in, if you take the proper precautions there is no reason to feel bad about your neck.