Have You Tried These Popular Types of Heels Of 2021?


The new year of 2021 is the perfect year that brings us so many fresh fashion trends after 2020, and shoes are the always trendiest fashion experimental items. For 2021 the new fashionable and stylish shoes do not only look beautiful. These trendy shoes are comfortable to wear, and high-quality shoe materials make the 2021 heels shoes trendier and classier.

In the shoe fashion world, you get to see many types of heels that do not only look fashionable. These shoes are also quite comfortable. The types of heels are the main experimental thing for the fashion stylist other than the heels, the texture and the material of the shoes are also making a very trendy look to the shoes.

These comfortable shoes were the best companion during the pandemic period. But after the situation got better, we started to go outside of the house to purchase the groceries and the other necessary items. That time all we need is some stylish and comfortable fashionable shoes for regular work. Thanks to all fashion stylists who are investing their time to design stylish, comfortable, and fashionable shoes for the new trends of 2021.

5 Best Popular Heels Of 2021

5 Best Popular Heels Of 2021

The cozy slipper to the trendy high stilettos comes in the 2021 fashion trend with a better outlook and better material. These fashionable and trendy shoes are carrying the fashion statement to forwarding to the next level.

Here is the list of the five popular trendy and comfortable heels for 2021.

1. Strappy Sandal with Block Heels

Strappy Sandal with Block Heels

The gladiator shoes and the strappy sandals are in the fashion trend of 2021. The strappy sandals are trendy because of the user-friendliness of the shoes. The strappy shoes are quite comfortable and airy.

These shoes are always an essential part of the spring-summer wardrobe. If you have a single pair of these sandals, then almost every spring and summer outfit in your wardrobe can be worn in the mix and match style.

The strappy sandal with any type of heels is quite attractive looking. The block heel from the stilettos almost every heel is looking great with the strappy sandals.

And if you have any queries about the matching dresses, we must appreciate these high heels shoe’s versatility. Almost every summer and spring outfit looks glamorous if you team up with these trendy heel sandals.

2. High Platform ClogHigh Platform Clog

The clog shoes are fashionable and trendy from 2020. The user-friendliness of the clog shoes is quite impressive. The high platform heels are not only looking beautiful and trendy. Mule sandals are always looking trendy. If you can team it up with any ankle-length trousers, the whole look will look more glamorous and fresher.

In 2021 the leather or tanned colored clog shoes with high-rise platform heels are quite trendy. These shoes heels are naturally made, and the wooden heels of the shoes are attractive, and the natural fresh vibes are all over the look.

The summer look is incomplete without one of these pairs of shoes. Any short and ankle-length dress and skirts are looking trendy. Nude and the beige color mule and the clog sandals are the most fashionable colors for achieving the trendy look of 2021.

3. Sweet Kitten Heels

Sweet Kitten Heels

The kitten heels are always trendy and comfortable. If you organize any house warming party or if you are going out for one evening cafe party theme, these kitten heels are your best companion.

These small high heels are the best heel shoes for beginners and women who are scared of wearing high heels. If you want to experiment with these types of shoes, then try to wear different colors and textured shoes with small kitten heels.

In 2021 the small kitten heels with different shapes are also available to enlighten the fresh look of the season. The triangle, hexagonal shapes kitten heel shoes with beautiful vibrant color is the new trendy fashion statement of 2021.

4. Strappy Flatform

Strappy Flatform

Platform heels are always perfect for achieving an easy go-to look. Platform heeled sandals are already in fashion for the past five years. But most of the time, when these platforms are entering fashion, the designer uses foam heels to give the shoes the perfect looks.

But in the 2021 fashion trend, heels with different color heels are in fashion. The foam heel platform flip flop is the biggest trend among the 2021 beachwear outfits. But these high heel shoes are pretty lightweight, and the lightweight makes these heels more delicate than the other type of flip-flops.

5. Textured Platform Espadrille

Textured Platform Espadrille

The platform espadrilles are the most comfortable heels in the fashion world. The good high heel with giving you the perfect comfort is the best feature of the platform espadrille. If you want to buy an anniversary gifts for parents, then one pair of these espadrilles is the best to present to your mother.

These shoes are good looking and classy and comfortable. Other than these two qualities, these shoe’s main key attractive points are the different textured platform heels.

Some of these heels are added with the rubber sole, making the heel look more attractive and fresher.

These shoes are also perfect for achieving a fresh spring summer look. The different textured heels are giving these shoes a different look. Most of these shoes are made with simplicity and the classical touch, making the whole look a nice touch.

Espadrille heels with different texture is another versatile heel shoe that looks good with any summer outfits. The shorts and the midi length dress, skirts are looking classy if you can team up with these types of shoes.


At the time of the pandemic, almost every one of us is staying the whole time in our houses, and most importantly, most people are giving priority to comfort rather than style and trends. These all five heals are the new hot trend of 2021 to achieve the perfect stylish look.

Style and fashion both are two different words. Fashion is all about trends, and style is dependent on people’s personalities. After 2020 the fashion-conscious people are starting to give priority to the comfortable and trendy look.

If you want to look trendy and fashionable, then try to wear some comfortable clothes with comfortable shoes because in 2021, stylish means comfortable.

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