Having Thoughts Of Getting A Bike On Your Next Adventure? Here’s A Guide For You!

When it comes to choosing a bike for your next adventure, you are bound to discover that there are so many choices out there. For this reason, your first consideration is to determine where you will be riding either on dirt trails, pavements, or both.

To help you unravel the mystery of the most suitable bike for your adventures together with Biking Bro, we shall examine the most popular types of bikes and their features.

Using a good handlebar bag for bicycle will not only help you keep your belongings dry but will also let you have quick access while you are on your favorite adventurous ride.

Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are best suited for rough off-road adventure. They have an upright or flat handlebars and lower gear ranges that allows you for easier pedaling up the steep trails. It is worth noting that they feature a suspension system that includes shock absorbers. The variants with front, fitted suspension are known as hardtails while those with both at the rear and front are called duallies or full-suspension bikes. However, those without a suspension system are popularly referred to as rigid’. The bike can either be used as a commuter bike or touring bike depending on how the bike is outfitted. Even so, they might not be as efficient or light as standard commuting and touring bikes.

Hybrid Bikes

These were originally meant to provide the benefits of both mountain bikes and road bikes. The upright handlebars and large padded seats ensure a comfortable ride. While hybrid bikes can be ridden on the paved roads, they are not as efficient or lightweight as the road bikes. These bikes are suitable for use on paved and unpaved trails. Even so, they aren’t appropriate for off-road bike trails. Most hybrid bikes come with front suspension that helps to smooth out bumps.

Hybrid Bikes

Electric Bikes

There are certain circumstances where peddle power isn’t quite sufficient and you need the extra push or assistance. Thankfully, an electric gives you a wonderful opportunity to experience and enjoy the best of both worlds. The best electric bike can attain speeds of 32 km/h, meaning they are worth owning whether you plan to use them on the road or hit the trails. Whether you are hitting the trails, running errands, or commuting, electric bikes make the bike life experience less stressful and more exciting. Most are fitted with a large capacity lithium battery with the ability to charge faster and adapt to your need of long-distance riding. The bikes also come with an ergonomic design. The manufacturers pay attention to every component, thus ensuring the handlebar is ergonomic and the seat is adjustable while the tires boast of anti-slip wear resistant abilities.

Cyclocross Bikes

These are road bikes designed for racing on a mixed course surfaces (a combination of unpaved trails, gravel, pavement, and grass). Just like the conventional road bikes, these incorporate a drop handlebar, although they come with slightly wider tires for better traction in off-road conditions.

Adventure Road Bikes

These are sometimes called any-road bikes, gravel bikes, or all-road bikes. These are highly versatile bikes that can be fitted with wider tires and have drop type handlebars. The geometry of the frame is more upright and longer than the cyclocross bike. However, these are suited for commuting and light touring.


No matter the type of bike you select, make sure it matches your adventure needs. As you shop around for the ideal bike, you can test ride several bikes to get a feel for what will work best for you. Note that there is a lot to choose from and the process may initially be complicated. Also, don’t forget to purchase the right bike gear. Bike bags are essential for your trips, whether you are biking to a picnic in the park or hitting the trails. We hope the list we prepared gives you an idea of what would be perfect and most comfortable for your adventures.