HDO Plywood – The Features and Usages of High Density Overlay Plywood


Plywood is a commonly used material for a range of projects no matter interior or exterior. There are many kinds of plywood and each one has its pros and cons. For that reason, it is necessary to know the features and uses of plywood types before using them for any project. For instance, one kind which is water-resistant can work better for exterior use as compared to the other type that swells when exposed to water.

What is HDO Plywood?

High-density overlay or HDO plywood is a popular kind of plywood used for many purposes. It was first manufactured for making signboards. Since then, it has been used for other applications as well such as construction, industry and transportation. Because of its smooth surface and high-performance, contractors use it for cabinets as well. Veneers are glued together to give HDO strength and stability. These sheets are denser than MDO plywood and they have a finished appearance at the same time. Do you know water or other particles cannot damage or stick to HDO panels? Yes, that’s true because of the smooth surface. This kind of plywood is highly durable and can be a great investment option. It will last for many years to come and can be used for applications that require aesthetic value. During construction and transportation, materials remain prone to scratches and other wear and tear. But high-density overlay plywood has a coating that protects it.

The Surface of HDO Plywood

High-density overlay plywood has smooth surfaces without any void. It is a type of hardwood that has a top veneer layer of ‘A’ grade. Moreover, a resin is used between the layers to give it long-lasting strength. Under certain heat and pressure conditions, resin-soaked fiber overlays are used. Such a manufacturing process of HDO makes its surface strong, flat, and smooth. The exterior fiber layer of the high-density overlay is denser as compared to MDO’s exterior layer. There is more resin content at the same time. All of these properties contribute to the highest quality of the material. However, a professional plywood supplier can provide you the premium product at an affordable price tag. For your next construction project, make the most out of the HDO smooth surface.

The Thickness of HDO Plywood

HDO panels are manufactured bearing standard thickness in mind. High-density overlay is available in a range of thicknesses (3/8”, 1/2″, 5/8”, and 1) to meet all the clients’ needs. You can choose one that suits your project. Moreover, the sheets have a varying length such as 8’, 10’, and 12’. Such a thickness of HDO makes it suitable for many projects. This is the main reason why many contractors use this kind of plywood for their construction work.

Painting of HDO Plywood

HDO is a kind of plywood that accepts paint because of an excellent, flat and smooth surface. It is the best property of HDO panels which makes them an ideal choice for cabinetmaking. Moreover, the fiber layer also adheres exceptionally to paint. There is no need for priming as well. As the product is water-resistant, it can be easily painted, unlike many other products. When it comes to painting, high-density overlay plywood is the perfect material. The edges of the panels remain sealed against water. Most importantly, when it is exposed to moisture conditions, HDO returns to its original dimensions quickly.

Applications of HDO Plywood

A high-density overlay is a durable material. It has a smooth surface that makes it suitable for a range of applications in today’s world. Do you know it was first created for making sign boards? With more resin layers, this kind of plywood can provide a better surface for the reflective material. This reflective material is often attached to the HDO surface for highway signs. There is one thing that you need to make sure. Always choose a direct plywood supplier if you want to buy it at a reasonable price tag. As a result, you will be able to cut down extra costs that other sellers often charge. We always deliver high-quality plywood at reasonable prices. Our products directly come from top manufacturers of plywood. That’s why you will find only the highest quality of plywood on our website.

There are two grades of high-density overlay plywood: Concrete and Industrial Form. As the name suggests, a concrete grade is the most suitable one for concrete forming applications. Under several conditions, it can be reused multiple times. That’s why HDO is the best material you can use for such applications as compared to other materials. When used for concrete forming, it has a smooth, steel-form surface. You may wonder what HDO plywood is used for? Such plywood has vast applications in construction. From highway panels to industrial tanks and transportation, HDO can be used for any purpose.

Here are some of the applications of HDO in detail.


When compared to traditional plywood, it is easy to use and maintain. There are a variety of applications of such plywood, and construction is one of them. Whether you need material for a residential or commercial project, a high-density overlay is an ideal choice. With its high durability and excellent strength, it can be used for both interior and exterior projects. It possesses natural insulation properties of wood, which is a huge plus. If you want to use a product for exterior projects (like screens, garage doors and privacy fences), all you need is to choose a reliable HDO plywood supplier. By doing this, you can rest assured purchasing the highest quality of material for any construction purpose. Remember, only a water-resistant material can withstand extreme moisture conditions. This is where high-density overlay plywood takes an edge. Moreover, you can also use it for other purposes such as interior walls and portioning.


You need to buy HDO plywood from a leading supplier to make sure the product is of the highest quality. There are endless industry applications where this plywood can be used. Such plywood can resist dirt penetration that makes it the perfect material for bins, storage racks, and display shelves. However, make sure to keep the material clean. For that reason, it is mandatory to clean it with a piece of a damp cloth. Assembling work tables, countertops, drying racks, storage lockers, and pallet decks are some of the industrial applications where you can use high-density overlay plywood. This material offers long-lasting performance and aesthetic value as well.

Concrete forming

Are you looking for the best material for concrete forming? Look no further than HDO because it has a fabulous smooth surface that can be reused multiple times. Whether you need complex shapes or conventional forms, a high-density overlay is a way to go. It has vast applications for concrete forming. Many contractors consider it among other best materials for such applications because of its durability and high-performance. The natural insulating quality of the wood makes it a perfect choice and it provides consistent performance under even alkaline exposures.


These panels were first designed for highway signboards. Since then, they are commonly used for signboards and large displays. As high-density overlay plywood has a smooth surface, it carries the message clearly, which makes the highway department prefer this material. Most importantly, signboards should withstand the weather conditions as well. This material has the qualities to resist weather and moisture conditions. Such plywood panels can be used for large sign installation as well. At Plywood Logistics, you can buy HDO plywood in the USA at a reasonable price without compromising on quality and performance.


This type of plywood is the best choice for transportation applications as well because of its strength to weight ratio. Do you need material for trailer and truck linings? Consider HDO panels that can last long. They also cut down extra costs for damage and maintenance.

These are some of the major applications where high-density overlay is commonly used.

Reasons To Buy HDO Plywood and Why Choose Plywood Logistics

There are many benefits of buying HDO for your construction project. First of all, you need to consider what kind of plywood you need for your project. A high-density overlay can be used for any purpose that regular plywood can serve. In addition, this kind of plywood has excellent dimensional stability, strength and water resistance that make it suitable for other projects as well where you cannot use any regular plywood.

Here are some of the reasons why you need to buy plywood and that’s too from Plywood Logistics.

High-quality material

As the name suggests, HDO is a denser material that offers high durability. Such high-quality plywood can be used for a variety of applications. We sell only premium quality sheets. Investing in our products can really pay off your money in the future. That’s why our customers prefer buying it from us.

Local manufacturers

When you need material for construction work, you need to make sure it comes directly from local manufacturers. Such manufacturers better know about the industry needs. This is where Plywood Logistics stands out because we are partnered with top-ranked local manufacturers of plywood in a country.

Durable material

Looking for a durable material to make sign boards or cabinets? Do you need a material that can withstand moisture over time? Look no further than buying high-density overlay plywood from a reliable HDO plywood supplier. Explore our categories of different kinds of plywood on our website. We make sure to keep our customers satisfied at all times by selling durable products.


HDO or high-density overlay plywood is an ideal choice for many applications. It has a smooth surface, vast applications, and excellent painting properties. Whether you need material for construction, concrete forming, signs making, or transportation, HDO is a perfect choice. The price of HDO is really worth it knowing that such kind of plywood will last for years to come.

I feel always obliged to recommend people the right thing, and I can quickly and unquestionably vouch for Plywood Logistics, the leading plywood supplier in the US. If you are interested in ordering HDO, go to plywoodlogistics.com!


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