Healing migraine the naturopathic way – Hydrotherapy can be of help


Simply put, a migraine can get best defined as a constant throbbing headache that impacts a side of your head. You get to face it, along with disturbed vision and nausea. It can last anywhere between 4 and 24 hours, and you can face it on both sides of your head. And most of the time, it will get linked with a specific trigger.

How to treat migraines the naturopathic way?

Naturopathy is how you can heal and treat migraines to get relief. Here it becomes essential to chance upon the root cause of the migraine. Some food items that trigger it include diet soda, cow’s milk, excess sodium intake, weather changes, alcohol, extreme stress, tension, hypoglycemia, and many more. Lack of sleep is another factor that triggers migraine. The list is vague, which poses a significant challenge to zeroing down on the particular causes of the ailment. Hence, starting with a naturopathy doctor who can help you manage the same and walk toward healing is necessary. You can check out Washington DC Naturopathic Doctor to know more about this.

Understanding hydrotherapy

One of the best natural treatments you can resort to for migraines is Hydrotherapy. Simply put, the process of Hydrotherapy was introduced to the United States by Vincent Priessnitz. Father Kneipp, who also authored “My Water Cure” back in 1882, which demonstrated the principles of Hydrotherapy and the way it gets used for curing several ailments, studied the treatment.

To explain in simple terms, the process of Hydrotherapy makes use of the elements of water. It alternates it from cold to hold, stimulating the body’s innate capacity to heal from any ailment. The treatment helps to boost the immune system, which enhances the blood circulation lymph and helps in promoting healing,said experts from A1 Colonics Gold Coast.

How does the hydrotherapy treatment work for migraine patients?

When a patient suffers from a migraine, it makes the blood vessels in the head slightly more significant than usual. And just as excess water flows through the hose compared to the straw, extra blood circulates in your head. It can result in a throbbing sensation on your head.

The cold water will shrink the blood vessels and gradually move deep into your skin. And you can consider this to be the body’s initial response to enabling you to stay warm. Hence, the cold towel you apply to the heck and the head will help to make the blood vessels smaller. The hot water you use on your feet will create an exact opposite reaction towards the cold water on the neck and head. The hot water can make the blood vessels slightly more prominent. And that would indicate increased blood circulation to the feet.

Finally, when you resort to Hydrotherapy to treat migraine, the cold water will help push the blood away from the head. And the warm water can make it come down. Eventually, you will feel relief from the headache, stay better, be free from pain and lead a good life. Are you ready to try it out?


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