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High heels are a kind of shoes with elevated heels or with the heels raised a few inches from the ground as compared to the toes of the shoes. The minimum height of the heels is 3.5 cm and they go as high as 8cm. in general, many types of high heels are made in different colors, styles, and different materials.

High heels were first invented in the 10th century in Persia and they were worn by men combined with stirrups for horse riding. From the start, high heels were made from a lot of variety of materials, such materials were leather and cowhide, silk and patent leather, cork and, wood, later after the second world war in 1946 making of heels with steal wrapped with some materials were introduced.

Currently, heels are made from smooth leather, plastic or suede. Today heels are only specified for ladies. Some examples of heels include; steel back heel, Cuban heel, angel heel, pinet heel among others.

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What to consider before buying a pair of high heels.

Before you get to the market or before getting out your money, you should consider a few important characteristics, some of such features include:

  1. Height of the heels– Before you get your cash out for certain pair of heels, you, first of all, need to observe the height of the heels you want to buy or those that you are comfortable with.
  2. Keep your wardrobe in mind– You don’t have to buy your heels for the sake of buying, First of all, you should consider your outfits and figure out if the heels you are buying match the clothes in your wardrobe.
  3. Size and Fitness– While in the shoe seller, you need to consider the size of your foot. The type of high heels you choose should fit you nicely and they should firmly hold your foot in place. This feature is considered to maintain balance and avoiding sliding.
  4. Take a walk test– Never at all buy any pair of heels before you wear them and walk in them within or around for at least 4 minutes. Do this to feel how you will feel balanced in those heels. For comfortability, you should buy heels with thick insoles and for proper cushioning.
  5. The material used- For durability purposes you are advised to buy heels with high-quality leather or those made from sue, this is purposely for a long-distance run and to avoid chafing of your feet.

 Health Benefits of Wearing High Heels

High heels offer the greatest health benefits, if well taken care of when using your high heels, and then they will offer you the best health benefits most of the time. Although some consider heels as bad to use since they say that they cause pain, However, these heels offer the best benefits to your health. Before you let them go, you should consider the following advantages.

  1. Works leg muscles

Considering the height of the high heels you choose, then you will see some changes on your calves as they will tighten and with time you will notice the availability of fewer fats in your calves as the muscles will increase.

  1. Shaping the calf muscles

High heels when worn more often they give shape to your calf muscles and they make one look longer as they elongate the appearance of your legs hence long and leaner.

  1. Improving Pelvic floor Muscles.

Study research carried out by an Italian university of Verona with 66 ladies aged below 50 who wore heels with an almost 3-inches heel, the study found that the heels placed the pelvic floor muscles in a position that they contract and strengthen.

  1. Shock absorbing.

Heels with proper lift tend to absorb shocks when one hits a stone, For example, a 3-inch heel will moderately absorb a shock before the effect reaches the foot, due to foam linings and rubber – and leather sole which seems flexible as the foot bends.

  1. Shifting body weight

Insolia Inserts, a kind of heels developed by the Hampshire podiatrist in 1997 offers a uniform distribution of weight to both heels and toes. The main agenda for his make was to improve the body aligning and reducing the lower leg and back pain.

  1. Arch support.

All Day Heels a fashionable kind of heels designed by Ron White provides support to the arch because they have built-in cushioning materials. Also, they contain rubber compounds in the heel cushion.

  1. Slimming Effect

Obesity and fat body is never anyone’s desire, to avoid these many people tend to go to gym or practice daily morning runs to reduce body fats and weight, Similarly wearing high heel shoes elongates the legs and forces the back to curve more than it would. Therefore this increases inches to your born with height.

  1. Walking more attractive and feminine.

The use of heels brings about the change in gait; also the heels reduce the strides and increase the rotation and tilting of the hips.

  1. Confidence Boost

Many women prefer heels because they believe that they make them look sexier hence more attractive to men. Heels also make ladies feel like a girl boss. Standing taller and looking taller makes ladies feel better, therefore this is termed as positivity and psychological health effects.


Given that you previously had negative thoughts about high heels, now after discussing the above benefits, then you can’t lack a reason to buy your pair of high heels. If you find yourself growing fat then consider high heels, or maybe if you feel shorter then you have a reason to look for your pair, also if you often feel less confident then prefer using your pair of high heels to increase your level of confidence.

Having decided on the heels and chosen the right pair for your feet then now the task lies in your hands, the main task you got is to take all precautions and practice how to well use your pair of heels.

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