Healthy Gut Healthy You: How to Keep a Healthy Gut When Traveling

When traveling, your gut health can easily go awry. Check out this guide to a healthy gut and learn how to stay healthy and comfortable while traveling.

Nothing ruins a great vacation like an upset stomach.

You can’t lounge on the beach, enjoy fine dining or relax in paradise when you’re running to the bathroom every five minutes.

Especially when you’ve scheduled time away, it’s time to take charge of your digestive health. Today, we’re sharing healthy gut tips to help you travel safely and comfortably.

Ready to learn more? Let’s go!

1. Resist the Urge to Overeat

Yes, that all-you-can-stuff buffet looks fantastic, but you’ll regret that 11th lobster tail later on.

Remember to pace yourself. Overeating can stretch your stomach and people who do so are 10 times more likely to require emergency medical attention due to food obstruction!

2. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

One major cause of constipation? Dehydration.

Bring along a travel-friendly water bottle and keep it filled. But, before you head to your destination, make sure the water is safe to drink. If there’s any question about it, stick to bottled water and remember to avoid ice cubes.

3. Up Your Fiber Intake

Medical professionals have long heralded fiber for its ability to regulate our system and keep our bowel movements regular. That said, try to eat more than your normal intake while you’re on vacation.

In addition to the common sources such as whole grains and enriched cereals, remember that you can also find tons of fiber in fresh fruits and veggies, as well as nuts, seeds, and beans.

4. Cook For Yourself

Eating every meal at a restaurant and relying mostly on processed foods can do a number on your gut. Why not take this time to browse a local market or nearby grocery store for fresh food you can prepare in your condo or hotel room?

As part of your healthy gut diet plan, schedule a few nights in to give your stomach a rest and a chance to recharge. You’ll be much more ready to hit that new five-star eatery the next day!

5. Bring Along Probiotics

In addition to prebiotic and probiotic supplements, you can also find this beneficial bacteria in many common foods.

From yogurt and tempeh to kimchi and pickles, try to incorporate these natural probiotics in some of your meals while you’re away. Want to make sure your gut microbiome is healthy and functioning as it should? Learn how you can check today.

6. Limit Certain Drinks

Sure, it’s fine to indulge in a glass of wine while you’re off-the-clock. Yet, alcohol, caffeine and excessive amounts of sugar can upset your GI tract. They all speed up digestion, which can lead to watery stools.

That said, limit these beverages to the greatest extent possible. Stick to water or decaffeinated versions for the best outcome.

Healthy Gut Healthy You, Starting Today

As you prepare to jet-set off to your vacation destination, don’t forget to keep your stomach in mind. If it’s in top shape, you’ll be able to relax, enjoy your time, and make more memories.

Maintaining a healthy gut isn’t for getaways only. By prioritizing your digestive health all the time, you set yourself up for a lifetime of enjoyment.

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