Healthy Hair Habits You Should Adopt


Think of a bad hair day, isn’t it sounding like a bummer already? Good hair days are rare, but you can make your every day a good hair day by indulging in certain healthy hair habits. Statistics have shown that 74 percent of women feel underconfident due to bad hair days, so why not convert these days into a frequency of better days.

One of the biggest challenges is hair strands facing constant dullness, damage, dryness, thinning, frizz, and so on. There are lots more what hair faces and loses its tenderness with time. With such irritability and stress, it becomes necessary to visit a hair loss clinic or take potential steps to keep your hair healthy by maintaining its quality and lushness. There is no shortcut to keeping your hair healthy, one has to give proper time and commitment along with an effective hair care routine. Some of the habits you need to inculcate to keep your hair healthy are as follows:

Brushing Your Hair Before Shower

You might be in a rush before taking shower, but it is extremely essential to take out 30 seconds and detangle your hair strands. Wet hair is more vulnerable to breakage, so try to comb it well when it’s dry. When you brush dry hair, it transposes the natural oils from your scalp to the ends, and also removes the frizz from your hair, making it breakage-free post-shower.

Use Efficient Ingredients

Initiating your hair care routine might be tedious and overwhelming, but it is a good step to take when you are willing to make your hair healthy. But, the question arises, of how to make a choice. When you pick your products, make sure you compare and select the strengthening products or ingredients that nourish your hair strands. You can try coconut oil, aloe, argan oil, and other natural products for better results.

A Healthy Balanced Diet

This might sound vague, but yes, a healthy diet is a reason for your strong and shiny hair. Your hair mostly comprises protein, so a protein-rich diet makes it good for your hair. Make sure you balance your diet well to avoid any issues. Try to add some of these to your diet list: fish, eggs, meat, beans, avocados, spinach, berries, etc. You can also intake food rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin E for improving collagen production.

Protection from External Atmosphere

Ultraviolet rays from the direct sun damage your hair strands, pollution destroys the strength of your hair, and the external atmosphere is one of the biggest reasons for spoilage and thinning of the hair. One can try antioxidant-rich ingredients to prevent hair from external damage and environmental factors.


Haircare becomes important when you are willing to be confident in your approach to anything in life. A good hair day destroys your mood and shifts you into the doldrums. However, it is not so difficult to keep healthy and make yourself feel confident, all you need to do is follow certain healthy hair habits.


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