Heist Movies That We Totally Want You to Binge-Watch

Rom-coms and superhero flicks are good, but, what do you think about watching a heist movie? The fast-pacing plots, the adrenaline rush, the action, along with some mind-boggling twists and turns, is our definition of a good heist movie because hey, we’re all bored aren’t we, so why not use this time to watch different kinds of movies for a change, right?

Heist movies are not only great at earning Box Office records, but salespeople find such movies quite helpful in their careers. For example, the movie ‘The Italian Job’ is a salespeople’s favorite for it teaches them ways to acquire their targets and identify them, so they can have successful closures, every time they do business.

The best part about heist movies is that they air every now and then on your favorite movie channels that you can watch using your Mediacom Cable subscription. So, go put some popcorn in the microwave because below are some of the movies you’ll surely want to binge-watch.

Baby Driver

Even though it has been released recently, Baby Driver checks all the boxes of a classic. The plot of the movie helms around a protagonist who has everything to lose if anything goes wrong. The concept of the un-escapable criminal life, Baby Driver has it all with a cherry on top, which is its awesome soundtrack. The cast only makes it all the more memorable with stellar performances from Kevin Spacey, John Ham, and Ansel Elgort. Let us not forget that it features some of the most high-octane action sequences and car chases in cinema history.

The Italian Job

Although it is a remake of 1969 original, everyone agrees that this one delivers more kicks and turns than its predecessor. The story revolves around heist, revenge, and family as the main motivation of the crew involved in the plot is to avenge their fallen mentor at the hands of the guy they are trying to rob. It delivers satisfaction in the end when the plan comes together and the villain, portrayed by the amazing Edward Norton is brought to justice.

Logan Lucky

Another recent entry in the heist genre is Channing Tatum and Daniel Craig starrer. The unique thing about this movie is that it shows a heist taking place where no one generally expects. The story follows Jimmy Logan who is wrongly laid off his job as a construction worker and is forced to pull off a heist. With the help of his siblings, Jimmy pulls off not one but two heists in one day. First, he breaks one of his associates out of the prison to help him out only to return him later. Together, with his inmate-buddy, he carries out a robbery at a big-time NASCAR event while dodging the Feds.

Inside Man

This particular movie delivers the plot of a heist so brilliantly that it inspired a bunch of felons to commit a heist in real life. In the beginning it feels like a typical heist/hostage situation, but as it proceeds further, the plot thickens as robbers find out that there is something much more valuable than money in the bank’s locker room. What makes it all the more entertaining is the sequences of interviews that detectives (Denzel Washington and Chiwetel Ejiofor) conduct with the hostages.


This is an unusual one for a heist movie because of two reasons: first, because there is no physical item to be stolen and no physical place to rob, and second it dives deeply in the genre of science fiction and infuses it with a heist. Well, you can expect a concept like this from Christopher Nolan, who is known for creating masterpieces like Interstellar and The Dark Knight Trilogy.

This movie tells the story of an unconventional thief Cobb who is an expert in infiltrating the minds of people via their dreams. Wrongly accused of his wife’s murder and unable to go back home, Cobb must assemble a team to pull off the most dangerous heist inside the mind of a business tycoon and find a safe way back home. As if the entire run isn’t a mind blender enough, Nolan leaves us hanging in the most mind-boggling endings of all time.

Ocean’s Eleven

The last one on our list is the biggest blockbuster of all time, Ocean’s Eleven. Let’s face it, pulling off a heist is no child’s play, as it is intricate just as it is addictive. This is the exact message behind the elaborate heist at the center of Ocean’s Eleven, which follows Danny Ocean (George Clooney) who plans his biggest heist immediately after his sentence is over. Only this time it’s personal as he and his team plan to rob the three casinos owned by the jerk who has stolen Danny’s girl, played by Julia Roberts. The entire movie is a joyride all thanks to the star-studded cast, along with the most strategically coordinated heist that ever took place in the history of Hollywood.

Ready for some binge-watching?

These are some of the best heist movies that you can enjoy. So what are you waiting for? Get some popcorns ready and start the roller coaster ride!