Helpful Quilting tips for beginners


Quilting has been around since as early as between 100 BC and 200 AD and it is still a favorite pastime up to this day. The process of sewing two layers of fabric to create a quilt or garment continues to fascinate people and is a creative outlet that has the ability to even generate income. 

If you are one of those people who are interested in trying to quilt, here are some helpful tips that you can try. 

1. Familiarize yourself with the terms used – If you try to watch YouTube videos or read tutorials, you might notice that there are some terms or acronyms that quilter use that you may not understand. Before you dive headfirst into the hobby, it’s important to learn them. Some of the acronyms you may hear include FQ – Fat Quarter, HST – Half Square Triangle and UFO – Unfinished Object.

2. Invest in the basic tools needed – There are many tools that you can use for quilting, but the basic ones include a square ruler, ad long ruler, your rotary cutter. Of course, you will need a self-healing mat. This is where you will be cutting the fabrics that you will be using. Make sure that you also invest in a quality thread as this can make or break your project. There will be more tools that you will need the more that you quilt, you can check out or for some detailed reviews on the products in the market. 

3. Know what the popular fabrics are – One thing you have to study up on is the types of fabric used for quilting. There are endless choices for what you can use, but it’s important to understand that there are certain types that can match with the type of quilt you would like to make. Some of the popular fabrics include cotton and denim. If you are looking to create a quilt for winter, you may want to use flannel or wool instead. Don’t forget to look for quality fabric so that you can be assured that your quilt will last many years. 

4. Start simple – If you are just a beginner in the world of quilting, do not try to complete the complicated projects. It would be much better if you get the basic skills first. Experts say that beginners should start with quilt patterns that are made with precuts. This way you can spend time perfecting your sewing skills first. If you want to try cutting the fabrics yourself, you can go with those with square patterns or even triangle ones. These are easier to piece together. It’s also important to upgrade your skill pressing the fabric as this will help make the quilt have better quality. 

5. Get together with other enthusiasts – It’s always more fun being with other people who enjoy the same thing you do. You can try taking a beginner class so you can meet other quilters. There are also bloggers and guilds who regularly meet together. You can try to join them so that you can get tips and tricks on how to improve your quilting skills. 

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