Herb Life: 9 Interesting Facts About Marijuana

Americans are overwhelmingly in favor of legalizing weed, according to recent surveys

And yet, few people actually know much about marijuana. You may even regularly get high on pot or enjoy a poof of your friend’s joint occasionally.

However, there are likely to be some surprising and interesting facts about marijuana that you didn’t know anything about.

How much do you know about weed? Here are our facts about marijuana to get you thinking. Let’s go!

1. Growing Marijuana Is Contributing to Global Warming 

What do you think of when you hear the causes of climate change?

It’s probably either the burning of coal in powerplants, the waste of animal agriculture or flying all the time. But, marijuana is also a contributor to climate change. It’s not quite in the same category. But, it’s more than you would realize.

Many marijuana farms are operated from indoors. This requires heating, lights, and AC to keep the weed growing strong. According to one study, around 1 percent of the total electricity use in the U.S. is caused by marijuana growing exclusively.

That’s only the legal stuff that we know about! That’s approximately 15 tons of carbon emissions, which is equal to 3 million cars on the road.

2. The First Online Transaction Was for Weed

Nowadays you can purchase pretty much anything over the internet. Many people buy everything from their pharmaceuticals to weekly groceries.

By the year 2023, it is expected that online transactions will be worth more than $6.5 trillion annually

However, have you ever wondered what the first transaction over the internet was? Back in the early days of the internet, someone purchased some weed online to make history! 

3. Marijuana Is Really Old 

Don’t be tricked into thinking about marijuana is anything new. Weed has been consumed by human beings for centuries.

However, it wasn’t always to get high. In ancient China, marijuana was primarily used for cooking. It was also famously used by the Chinese as a medicine.  

However, weed is also named in numerous religious texts. These include the Bible and the Talmud. According to Biblical scholars, even Jesus Christ himself used weed to heal the poor. 

4. 55 Million Americans Are Weed Smokers

Do you know anyone who smokes marijuana? There are actually a lot more regular weed users that you may realize.

According to surveys, there are almost 55 million Americans who use weed. That’s over one-fifth of Americans. 

While 35 million say that they’re regular users. As more and more states and countries around the world legalize marijuana, we can expect this figure to grow. 

5. Pigs Feed on Marijuana in Bhutan

The Kingdom of Bhutan is famous for its happiness, Buddhism, and peacefulness. Situated in the Himalayas, there are many things we don’t know about the people.

What is pretty shocking is that the Bhutanese people have been feeding their pigs on local weeds that grow wildly. Only these are mostly marijuana plants.

Traditionally, nobody was smoking weed in Bhutan. It was considered merely something you would give to your pigs since it was more common than grass.

It was only in the late-1990s, the people started to realize the benefits of consuming the herb for themselves. 

Pigs may not fly in Bhutan. But, they certainly get high there on the tasty weed. 

6. Americans Only Starting Saying ‘Marijuana’ in the Late-19th Century

There are around 1,200 slang words for marijuana in the English language. From grass to pot to weed to cannabis.

It’s incredible how many terms have emerged to describe the humble herb. And yet, some terms are more recent than you may realize.

Americans only started using the term “marijuana” in the late-19th century. The word comes from the Spanish speaking in Mexico. 

They call it “marihuana.” Just as people are named after many flowers and plants, from Holly to Poppy. Maria Juana (or Mary Jane) is another example.

7. Most Doctors Agree Weed Has Medicinal Qualities 

As more and more places legalize marijuana, it is increasingly accepted that the herb has numerous health benefits. 

There are even people who are convinced that weed could help to cure cancer. There is evidence that marijuana use could prevent the spread of further cancer cells.

Moreover, doctors agree. Over three-quarters of doctors are in favor of medical marijuana being used. 

You don’t necessarily need to smoke weed either. Many people are wondering about is CBD legal. Yes, you could enjoy the same benefits using CBD too.

8. Marijuana Is Stronger Than It Was in the ’70s

You have probably heard your Dad say that weed is much stronger nowadays. You may have wondered whether this was a myth or not.

Well, it’s actually true that the concentration of THC has increased since the 1980s. In fact, it’s around five times stronger. 

So, if you’re a marijuana smoker who has noticed a change, you’re not tripping on this one. As the years have rolled on, grass has gotten stronger.

It was much harder to get high back in the good old days. Tell that to your old folks!

9. Iceland Smokes the Most Weed

Where do you think people smoke the most weed?

You may think of the tradition of Rastafarians smoking marijuana. Or, perhaps the coffee shops of Amsterdam come to mind when you think of weed.

But, you’d be wrong on both counts. The population with the highest number of pot smokers is actually Iceland.

The small island off the European continent has a population the size of Cleveland, Ohio. And yet, over 18 percent of the country uses marijuana. 

Even more shockingly, the U.S. comes second as the world’s biggest potheads.

Interesting Facts About Marijuana

Even if you’re a regular weed smoker, you may discover some surprising facts here. From Icelanders being the biggest potheads to the word “marijuana” being a Spanish.

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