Here are the top women’s fashion streetwear styles for cities


If you work in the city or go to school in a bustling metropolis, you might be wondering how your style will be influenced and changed by this urban life. Fortunately for you, streetwear is comfortable and functional clothing that is ideal for anyone and everyone!

Top streetwear styles for women – check out these urban looks!

If you live in a city, you can experiment with your clothing, you don’t have to worry about having the most functional items of clothing for your job, but you can add an element of style along with your functionality. For example, boots are practical for walking around all day in the city – so pair boots with a graphic t-shirt and mini skirt to add flair to your everyday outfit!

Streetwear is a style of clothing that has recently risen to prominence in recent years. Known for being functional, stylish, and more casual than work clothes, streetwear first took the fashion world by storm in the 1990s. Originating from New York hip hop fashion, punk influences, skateboarding, and Asian street fashion, this type of clothing focuses on comfortable pieces and limited edition clothing items.

There are many ways in which you can turn basics and staples into great outfits for your city and urban-chic look. Try these streetwear styles so you can stand out among the crowd and feel good about yourself while you walk to and from work. Browse Memma for inspiration on streetwear outfits to see what you can put together on your own.

Currently, in 2021, women’s streetwear is influenced by two huge trends in the fashion industry – eco-conscious clothing and changing views on ‘gender’ for clothing. We have recently figured out there is no gender for clothing, but rather anyone can wear any piece of clothing. This has been shown in women wearing more “masculine” clothing for their streetwear styles.

Let’s look at five key elements of the women’s streetwear movement that is taking over cities in 2021!

Oversized clothes

One of the biggest trends in today’s streetwear world is oversized clothes. Gone are the days of skin-tight t-shirts and body con mini dresses. Instead, women have enjoyed wearing oversized clothing, whether it be oversized jeans, oversized graphic t-shirts, or oversized jackets on top of their outfits. By pairing slimmer-fitting clothing items, such as a tank top and normal-fitting jeans with an oversized top, it adds some layering and sense of angles to the outfit that you otherwise wouldn’t have.

The baggy and oversized look is sort of a protest by women who do not want to be seen for their bodies while they are talking on the streets of the city. Instead, they are focused on comfort and feeling confident in their own skin. Not only are the garments comfortable for streetwear, but the baggy and oversized look is stylish in today’s fashion world. Browse Memma to find oversized clothes that work with your style and your personal preference, such as oversized graphic t-shirts or large flannel jackets.

Bold sneakers

The second trend to hop onto when you are trying to find the best streetwear items for you as you walk around the city is bold sneakers. Instead of buying just plain white sneakers that go with every outfit, consider purchasing a bold pair of Nike’s or Adidas shoes that have neon colors, bright patterns, or interesting designs that add some flair to your outfit.

Although these shoes have been previously considered “ugly”, in recent years, the turn against the typical mainstream look is what makes these sneakers so popular in today’s world. These platform sneakers work especially well with the oversized clothing in streetwear styles. Browse the shoes on Memma to find the boldest and brightest that go well with your baggy and oversized clothes!

A classic and casual mix

Combining classic looks and casual clothes is a steel of streetwear and coming up with new trends. Instead of just wearing classic clothes, such as corduroy jackets, nice purses, and Rolex watches, combine these timeless pieces with streetwear styles, such as baggier jeans, sneakers, and graphic t-shirts.

By combining what some may think of as more ‘upscale’ and high-end’ with clothes that are solely meant for streetwear, you can combine two styles into one perfect outfit. Look for contrasting styles to put together a  unique outfit that is the epitome of streetwear. After all, this style has its roof in the surf culture of California – the home of streetwear.

Look online at Memma to find a good combination of baggy jeans, graphic styles, and classic pieces for your next outfit.

All one color

The next trend you need to take into account for women’s streetwear styles in 2021 is all one-color outfits. Instead of mixing up colors and finding what ‘matches’, you can simply put on one color and off you go. Women are now earning lighter palettes and softer colors, such as all beige, all brown, or all black for their streetwear outfits.


Techwear is an interesting and unique style that is new to the world in recent years. Techwear is the process of adding interesting accessories to an otherwise normal outfit, such as a strange bag, a belt made out of unique materials, or other eye-grabbing attention pieces. If you are interested in making a name for yourself in the streetwear world of your city, consider browsing Memma so you can gain inspiration on the latest techwear outfits.  You should also check out Kawaii gothic apparel for fashion ideas as well.

Look online to find technical wear, such as urban apparel that uses high-quality fabrics and nursing detailing that makes it stand out among others. By combining this technical wear with interesting accessories, you can dress just like a celebrity!


You can stay up to date with the latest trends in women’s streetwear by checking out this guide on the newest styles that are taking the urban world by storm. Keep in mind there are typically five stylistic elements of women’s streetwear today, being oversize and baggy clothing, comfortable clothes, technical wear, classic and casual clothing mixes, single color outfits, and bold sneakers. By buying some products in each of these categories, you can throw together the perfect streetwear outfits in no time at all!

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